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Confessions – Keeping my values.

A question was recently brought up on the napcp forum asking if anyone had ever turned down working with a client because of values or beliefs. I have and I’m proud of it. I thought I would share the story with you…

We all believe in different things and I believe we should respect each other’s views and be grateful that we are allowed to have them… In MOST cases! In this one I said no.

I was contacted last summer for what would have been my biggest client EVER times 10. They were opening a chain of coffee stands and wanted a session done for every girl who would be employed with them for the company website. They wanted an interactive site where consumers could see who worked at what stand. Have you guessed it yet? This was one of those bikini or lingerie coffee stands (but they wanted to create a mass chain) and I would be shooting all the mini boudoir sessions. I sat on the phone talking with the designer as she unfolded what they were looking for and wanting to achieve, at first she was vague about the purpose but as the conversation progressed it became more and more clear what this project was about. It would have been 50 girls to start, with more each time someone was hired – obviously it would have been big $$$.

While I was flattered that they wanted me and in my head I was already creating the shopping list with the money I would earn I just couldn’t allow my name to be associated with that kind of project!

What can I say? I HATE those kind of places. I’ve always said it’s a wonder one hasn’t been run down by an angry house wife! It’s a pathetic use of sexuality. I have no respect for those type of operations and would never want to be associated with one. 

When I see one, all I see is sadness. Sadness for young girls who don’t see enough value in who they are not what they’ve got. Sadness for wives who are trying to figure out why their husband has 3 coffee charges a day only to learn that Wednesday is “wet T-shirt day”. Sadness for men who were never taught the vale of a lady and her worth as daughter of God. And thats pretty much what I told the designer. In hindsight maybe I should have kept those thoughts to myself and just left it at no but I get really passionate and often forget where the off switch is. The funny thing was, she totally agreed and said she would never let her boyfriend go to one of those places. Why oh why did she associate with them? Money will never be worth your integrity! 

So there you have it… I said no.



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