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Go{4}Pro & WPPI Video on You Tube by Leroy Hamilton

Thats kind of a ridiculously long title isn’t it? Leroy compiled this vidoe from while we were shooting… Even thought I’d rather you didn’t watch ME to closely !! (watch Molly, Bethany and Noelle there are so much more normal then me). All the same, I still am so excited to share it because it helps you to know me better (dorkyness and all) and hopefully you will feel a glimpse of just how passionate I am.  

P.S. I love sharing my journey, I love hearing how it has helped others. (That is not meant as a hint!! I’m NOT saying you all have to email me right now!) But if you want to share this on facebook or your blog or anywhere else, I’d love that! Go{4}Pro is meant to be shared, it’s the entire premise on which I created it!  ~Leah 



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