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How to lose the blogspot in your .com

Be honest, if you have a blogger account, you want to chop off that blasted blogspot that lingers on the end of your nice photography name. Because lets face it, you lose professionalism when it says blogspot .com. Call it unfair if you want to but I don’t think you can deny it. Blogspot does not scream “I’m a professional, take me seriously. And I am NOT talking about your images.  Your image may be the best ever created sitting there for the world to enjoy on a little blogger blog – what I am talking about is your business. Would you be surprised to see a sustainable company using blogspot on the end of their .com? So, you probably don’t want it hanging around either. 

Let’s not fail to mention that it adds a LOT of letters and when you want it all to fit on a business card or the back of your car, well you want it as simple as possible! Now that we are all in agreement, let me give you a very easy and cheap solution. Could there be any two better adjectives I could have used? I think not! 

For $10 a year you can ditch the blogspot. Back when I had my blogger blog I had no idea I could have ditched all those extra letters for so cheap!! I wish someone would have told me! I remember I would feel so embarrassed when I handed over my little mini moo card and it said blogspot .com on it. Maybe some of you think I should have been proud to rock what I had but I’m always looking 2 steps ahead and from the start I felt those extra letters dragging me down. Now I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone and if you like your blogspot then rock it out my friend but if you are like I was and just didn’t know how easy it was to have a better option… Well now you do! And it can be done in less then 5 minutes! 

To remove the blogspot :
1. Go into your DASHBOARD.
4. Choose your domain and check availability, input credit card info and yay, that’s it! You will get an email and in no time at all you will have

On a side note to my blogger fans: Many of you do not have your email address anywhere on your blog. I know this because I have tried to email dozens of you to thank you for a comment or tell you something I liked about your blog and I can’t because there is no way to contact you. If I can’t contact you, neither can potential clients! So check and make sure that your email is in a very obvious place. 



  1. Happy Astorga says:

    Just wanted to thank you AGAIN for this post!! I finally feel ready to start my photography blog and would never have known about taking the “blogspot” out of my domain name if you hadn’t posted this! Thank you so much for all of the help you give all of us! You and your hard work are much appreciated!!!

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