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Giveaway from All things Baby!

Why don’t we start off an otherwise mundane Monday with a giveaway? Like it? Me too! I’m excited to have Shellie, writer of the awesome photographer’s blog, ALL THINGS BABY and photographer of THIS ‘N’ THAT PHOTOGRAPHY on Go{4}Pro again!  (See last post here)

Not only does Shellie write an awesome blog to help us all be better newborn photographers but she also has a fantastic design shop too! I know. Wow! So do 
you want to know what you’re playing for? How about the adorable SOCK MONKEY COLLECTION

Image Box
Sized for WHCC image boxes-
4×6- holds 100 images
4×6- holds 250 images
5×7- holds 100 images
5×7- holds 2250 images
CD Case
Sized for both WHCC and MPIX PRO single cd case.
DVD Label.
Sized for MPIX PRO DVD Labels, but can be used with most label printers
Fully layered psds. Customizable colors via clipping masks.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
How To Enter:
There are several ways to enter (each must be as a SEPARATE comment) to be eligible as multiple entries. Please make sure your email is easy to find as well!
1. Go to FACEBOOK and say:  There is an awesome giveaway at for a sweet sock monkey template design by All Things Baby ( and I want to win it!
2. Go to TWITTER and say: There is an awesome template giveaway @Go4ProPhotos that I want to win for an @allthingsbaby Design – visit!                                                                 (You Must FOLLOW @Go4ProPhotos & @allthingsbaby on twitter)
3. Blog about the giveaway! For this entry to count, you must include the template image (you can pull it from above) in your blog post with working links to &
4. Leave a comment: And tell us something nice you did for someone else recently! 
Make sure you post the URL link with your comment in this post.                                                      EACH THING YOU DID SHOULD BE ONE COMMENT FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN! All entries must be in by 12pm Wednesday (PST). The winner will be announced Thursday morning. 



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