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How to Batch Process in Photoshop

Sometimes batch processing can be very useful! For example, today I needed to covert about a dozen images to black and white using the same action (it was soft & silky from Lolly’s Playground – Ultimate Black & White). Here is how I batch processed my images using CS4.

1. First thing to know. You have to create a folder with only the images you want affected by the batch. I wanted to run a batch B&W action on a dozen images, so I created a new folder on my desktop and dragged those 12 images into my new folder. 

2. Now go into Photoshop… Go to FILE —-> AUTOMATE —> BATCH… 
and a menu box will appear! 

3. Time to tell it what to do! In my case I wanted it to run out of my Favorite B&W file with in my actions palate, from there I wanted to run Lollys Soft & Silky (top left arrow). Now I need to choose the source. I already created the folder (named Batch BW) on my desk top so it was easy to find for me! Select the folder… 

4. It can take a while to process all the images, so now I highly suggest stepping away from the computer and making yourself a treat cause you did it! When I get back with my chocolate milkshake, I know I’ll have a dozen beautiful B&W’s! Did you know it could be that easy?

So when might you use batch processing? Watermarking, Converting to B&W, Resizing for Web, Base Sharpening and minor color adjustments. What have you used Batch Processing for? I actually very very rarely use batch processing, I just prefer to work on each image individually, and I sort of forget about it – however every once in a while it comes in very handy!


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