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Lens Rentals with LensProToGo

How could I not try them out? … LensProToGo … Go{4}Pro … Brilliant people came up with these names, I just know it!! I mean really, it was almost a requirement that I use this particular lens rental company with a name that had such a familiar ring! They were actually suggested to me by a reader, thanks Tammy!! And oh my, I was so dang impressed that I had to tell you all about it!! And let me tell you real quick, if they don’t impress me, I don’t tell you about it. I have tried other companies and thought it was going to be so cool to share with you but the quality was garbage. If I’m telling you about a product or vendor then you can know I think, they are great! 

LensProToGo has been around for 4 years, they’re an east coast business (and I thought all the good stuff was west coast) and have established quite a name, being known for quality, service, a huge inventory and everything else good. This was enough info for me to want to try them out myself after all you know what a sucker I am for service! Well there is service and then there’s LensProToGo’s service and let me tell you, I haven’t experienced customer service like that since I tried to return snow tires to Nordstrom! 😉
But seriously… amazing!! Here’s what happened…

I had a wedding scheduled, and for the location I knew I was in need of a lens that I didn’t actually own however I wasn’t sure what lens I needed but I thought I had a pretty good idea – turned out I didn’t! Also, after testing out the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro at the Canon booth during WPPI I knew I wanted to get my hands on that with out the tether cord…  And with some newborn shoots scheduled I had the perfect excuse to try it out. I called Lens Pro To Go and had a real live person answered the phone, and that person happened to be the owner (Paul)! By the way the other 4 times I called I got Paul, the owner again (how cool is that?!).

When I called, Paul immediately started asking me questions about what I was needing and why, as I went on to explain the jobs I would be needing the lens for he had some suggestions. Because I knew it was a safe assumption that he knew more then I did, I decided I would listen! Remember I love learning and surrounding myself with people who are smarter then me! 🙂

So one of the situations was that I’d be shooting a wedding, the location in which I’d be shooting is a beautiful temple in Portland, OR. The way the architecture sits, it’s surrounded by tall evergreens, there is zero possibility for backing up to get the full building and with the lens options I had, I could only get about half way up the temple structure. When I was done explaining, Paul suggested the Canon 10-22. The other wasn’t much of a situation, I wanted to play with the new 100 Macro! So I ordered the Canon 100mm f/2.8 and the Canon 10-22 for a 2 week rental. And you get 8% off (8OFF2) for ordering 2 items! I called late Monday afternoon and had an email Tuesday morning saying they were on their way to me!
Can I just tell you how fantastic it was to be able to talk through what I was thinking and be left feeling totally confident that I made (was led to) the right choice!?
… So far, the service is exceptional!
I had my tracking number and received my lens in a spiffy indestructible (at least it looks that way) black box – I felt so James Bond. BTW – everything goes 2 day UPS shipping unless you need it even faster. The Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro was a little different then I’d expected so I was so glad to have played with it before just purchasing! Intentions for the lens that I hadn’t thought to put much emphasis on now seemed very advantageous and reasons I thought for sure I would want it, turned to be a little trickier than I’d thought. But I did have a blast using it and got some great shots! I was finding everything I could to play with this lens longer!

And that Canon 10-22 Lens that Paul recommended for the difficult temple shot at last weeks wedding… Did you have any doubts? It did the job perfectly!!


 How wonderful to be able to call and have my questions answered, and they even encourage such behavior! Shocking, I know! I am the biggest fan of Lens Pro To Go now!! I will NEVER purchase a lens or major piece of equipment again with out renting it from Lens Pro To Go first! It just doesn’t make sense because when you buy it first and later you find out it wasn’t quite what you wanted you already lost a big chunk of change now that it’s “used” – and I’m speaking from experience on that one.
Here are some great reasons to rent a lens or gear…
1. You have a shoot coming up where you need a specialty item, but you don’t want to buy it! (like my wedding)
2. You want to learn more about your camera and how different lens affect it! I can’t believe how fun it was to switch from lens to lens to lens and watch how different my image became without ever changing subject!
3. If you are thinking of purchasing a lens but it’s based on recommendation not personal use… RENT IT FIRST!!
4. If you have a list of lenses you want to purchase and not sure what one to do first (like me) rent them all and see which one is the most well rounded for your needs. You may be very surprised!
5. Because it’s really really fun! And Leah said to! 🙂
Want to talk to Paul and get your lens on it’s way?  You can call him at 877-578-4777 or you can email him
P.S. I just heard from Paul at LPTG and something great will be happening on Monday… (that’s all I’m say’n)





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