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Free Photography Template Download – Birth, Graduation, Engagement Announcement

It’s 2:59am and my head has hit the desk twice! If I make no sense or my spelling is atrocious be kind to me please, I’ve spent my sleeping hours designing this for you! As soon as I saw the Heirloom Paper pack from Sassy-Designs I knew I wanted to do something with it! So generous Terry of Sassy-Designs sent over the pack and let me get to work on creating a fun download to share with all of you! For this month’s free download I thought I would create some announcements after all spring is here and that means… Babies, Weddings and Graduation! So I’m hoping this will help jump start you on your way to lots of joyful announcements. These were created using CS4. In this download you will find 3 layered 5×7 templates for your personal/professional photography use!  You will need photoshop and some knowledge of layers and clipping masks to use this download. 

Click image to enlarge! All images by me (Leah Remillet Photography)
Please note this template is available for your use personally or to sell as a finished product to your photography clients. You absolutely may not share, sell or “borrow” any parts of this template. If we become aware that you have done so you will be contacted immediately by thousands of people after we report you’re the reason no more free downloads are coming. So just don’t do it! 
Instead, share the love. If you’re excited about this template others probably will be too… And you know how excited I get when you all share Go{4}Pro Photos with other photographers and friends. So share a link on your blog, forums, facebook or via twitter and  make someone else’s day brighter! You will for sure brighten mine!
Thanks Terry for making an additional download link 

**** I’m so sorry to everyone who is having trouble opening the save the date once downloaded. I changed some preferences and uploaded a new link and really hope that will fix the problem! Terry is also looking into it for me and I’ll update again if it needs to be changed. 

This is a new link (as of 10:30am PST) for those who were having trouble, please let me know if this fixed it for you! If you know why this happened, please educate me so it won’t next time! Ugh!! Thanks everyone!


  1. judy says:

    i cant download it.

    • Hey Judy! I just tested the link and it did download… You can either click the image at the bottom or the bolded link that says Free Printable. If you still have trouble, let me know what you're downloading it too. 🙂

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