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Creative Dragonfly Coupon Code… Boutique Handcrafted Frames!

One of my most favorite things about being a boutique photographer is the opportunity to offer clients new and exciting things… something about that makes me feel new and exciting myself! I get super excited when I get to show clients something that I know is going to be completely new and fantastic to them! I get to be the cool kid with the baby that cries, pees and says ‘mamma’. Yep, it’s that cool to me! One such opportunity for that is with specialty frames! Often, the concept is totally new to them and you can just see the excitement as they start to consider all the possibilities. 

After looking around to find the right framer, I happened upon Creative Dragonfly and immediately knew I wanted to try them. I have been so impressed! Knowing that I needed samples I decided I would get a couple of frames for my own home that I could take with me and show to clients whenever needed. Don’t you just love when something can serve two purposes?  Luckily I had just the place that needed some attention! (please forgive the terrible shot via my iPhone!)


I sent this image off to Shari, (the talent behind Creative Dragonfly) and she helped me brainstorm what we could do with this awkward little space. I was so excited to fill that shelf up with pictures, after having all those beautiful images from the very talented Shannon Sewell, I really waned opportunities to showcase them! 
Another thing I really like is the sample box that I can bring along with me to help clients narrow down choices and plan out the walls of their homes! (image from Creative Dragonfly’s website). So it’s official! I {heart} Creative Dragonfly and am loving getting to work with Shari (she is so helpful and really takes time to make sure I’m ordering the right frames. She even helped me plan color based on the room. Give Creative Dragon Fly a try and I know you will love them too! So how about a …. 
To help you build up your samples, Creative Dragonfly is offering a special May Day promotion! Any time during the month of May spend $200 and get $50 off your order.  
Just use promo code: MinM

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