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Custom Designed Photography Marketing Kit

I have been doing a lot of Custom Marketing Kit’s lately! And while it’s been very time consuming for me (that is a vast understatement, just ask my poor hubby), I have to admit, it’s also really fun creating these beautiful kit’s that brand perfectly for each photographer’s business. It makes me feel really proud like I had some little part in all their future success! I also love knowing that when I customize it, the likelihood of them getting going on it is much higher. After all I’ve done the most labor intensive part for them, all they have to do is drop the images and add their words.

This kit was specially designed for Staci Hill of Lilac Blue Photography. She had her own logo and after choosing a paper kit from Sassy-Designs (Vineyard), I was free to get to work on designing up her marketing kit. Below is  a sample of just a FEW of the 27 items that came in Staci’s Custom Marketing Kit!

Staci sent over a few shots so that I could see the finished product. I was so excited about how they turned out that I want to show you too!

Congrats Staci! You did it! You have a fantastic marketing campaign and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of it! I know your clients are going to love it! Happy Success! 


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