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The Sunny 16 Rule

With summer just around the corner there’s going to be a lot going on under the bright sun.  To ensure you’re always properly exposing those sunny shots remember the Sunny 16 Rule.  With the sunny 16 Rule you’ll never need to carry around a light meter.  When the sun is at its harshest set your aperture to f/16 then change your ISO and shutter around the same number, and for a bright day that number would be around 100.  So Aperture f/16, ISO 100, 1/100 or 1/125.  This rule came about with film.  Because you bought your film with a predetermined ISO you couldn’t change it so if you needed more light you could only compensate with your aperture and thus changing your shutter speed.  Here is a chart to help us remember what proper settings to use when it’s bright and sunny out.  I know if we can remember these formula’s we can take more properly exposed photos, in a timely manner and then we can stop having to check our camera after every couple of shots to make sure our photos look good.  We’ll just know it does.  And while we remember these numbers that work, going out and shooting will always be the best way to get better.



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