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Lead in to Inspire Me Friday Interview #19} Sarah Petty

This weeks ‘Inspire Me’ is coming to you in multiple parts! Thats because in true Sarah Petty fashion, she went above and beyond with everything she offered to share with us and  there is just so much amazing info that I ended up breaking it up into 3 days worth of inspiration! Excited? Me too!!

Today we’re getting a brief intro into The Joy of Marketing, a reminder about the FREE web summit on Monday (the 28th) and a tour of Sarah’s Studio! Tomorrow comes the written interview and on Monday we’ll be adding something new to Go{4}Pro with an audio interview that I got to do with Sarah Petty (insert my bubbly excitement laugh with “eeeee” sound here)… So get your sponge on and let’s soak!

First, tell us a little about The Joy of Marketing.

At The Joy of Marketing, we are a small but mighty little team dedicated to helping small business owners succeed. Whether you own a photography studio, interior design shop or a deli, you still need the same things. We have products ranging from webinars to our powerful coaching community to our monthly jolt of marketing caffeine, Café Joy.

I know I’m already registered! Will you remind the Go{4}Pro readers about the FREE web summit you’re hosting?
In order to help everyone succeed in business, we are hosting a FREE online event on Monday, June 28. Everyone can register at We have leaders speaking on SEO, sales, business planning, web strategy and more.

I love that you are all about the wow factor! Can we see some of your marketing, branding and promotional pieces?

Sarah puts a lot of effort into having the coolest Christmas Card around, and it shows!

More Marketing and Promotional Pieces… Sarah is all about making you want to keep holding on to whatever came in the mail from Sarah Petty Photography by creating fun interactive pieces she definitely accomplishes the goal!

She sends her clients this, ‘Blog… yourself silly’ card when they’ve been featured on the blog. Cool right?!

Now can we step into your studio and get a little tour?

Sure. My studio is 1400 sf and very efficient. We paint our own backgrounds and refinish most of our own furniture for a custom look. It is also important for us to be redesigning our foyer at least twice a year to show fresh, new looks. We have to show we are creative to our clients, we can’t just tell them.

The Work Space…

The Shooting Area / also the Sales area

The Entry Way…

Thank you so much Sarah for the first glimpse into what it’s like in Sarah Petty land!! Remember the full interview comes tomorrow with the bonus audio interview on Monday! See you tomorrow!

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  1. I would LOVE to know where Sarah gets her frames. The black and white fillets are just too cute! Thanks!


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