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Inspired Photography Branding – Coastal

Every once in a while I’m walking down an aisle at Target or maybe checking out a cool design blog or looking through a fun little shop and all of a sudden a whole business design concept comes to fruition in my head. Sometimes I think it would be so fun to be a “decorator” for businesses. Helping them create that awesome look from the logo to the website to the welcome kit and on through to the packaging. Something that is cohesive with who they are and want to be!

At the same time, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for regular and semi regular things to share on Go{4}Pro. Now that I find myself writing 5 days a week again, I’ll admit I’m feeling a little perplexed for content. (If you would like to make a suggestion or write a guest post, just let me know!) I wanted to come up with something unique that wouldn’t take a ton of reading time (for your sake) and would just be fun to look at – something for the creative soul inside each of us and that’s where the idea for ‘Inspired Branding’ came from. So here is a mock up of my 1st Inspired Branding. As you can see the inspiration came from the fabulous little boy’s nursery and than how I turned it into a business concept to run with. And yes that logo is available for whoever snags it first!

Wouldn’t this look be just perfect for a Coastal State Photographer?! I constantly see a lot of children’s photographers do pink and while it is absolutely adorable it does kind of alienate all the boy moms. Here is a design-start for a boy mom photographer who lives in a beautiful coastal town somewhere on the East Coast (and least that’s what I envision) – Can’t you just see the stunning images of little boys and girls running through waves and flying bright colored kites to go on the home page of this businesses website?

The Product Source List
Paper Source: Red Presentation Envelope
Paper Source: Air Mail Hand Tag Label
Rice Studio: CD Round Tin
Sassy Designs: Gazpacho
May Arts Grosgrain Diagonal Stripes
May Arts Grosgrain 3/4″ Red


Logo – Created by Leah of Go{4}Pro ($125)
If you would like to share your own Inspired Branding, I’d love to see it and showcase it on Go{4}Pro! Or if you have something you’d like to see Inspired Branding drawn from I can try to create something for you. Just EMAIL me with the subject ‘Inspired Branding Idea’!


  1. tamsen donker says:

    very cool idea! love it!

  2. Carter Clan says:

    It's fun to see your inspiration turn into works of art! Years ago I was a BIG scrapbooker and I used to find inspiration for new pages in that same way…. then I got sidetracked with life, lol. Now it's not quite as easy to turn that inspiration into an idea. Creativity is definitely a skill to be honed! Thanks Leah for all you do.

  3. Celesa Felix says:

    That turned out so adorable! I love it.

  4. Jenn says:

    I adore this!!!! I want to move to Charleston now just so I can use this! Great job.

  5. rachel says:

    this is totally neat! I think it's a great idea, and love how everything ties in… Im in the process of revamping my branding, but I'd love to share it with you as soon as it is done. =)

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