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Sell Images for the Wall!

Elizabeth (a fellow NAPCP Peep) is serving you up some fantabulous (Umm that’s fantastic and fabulous mixed together – cause it’s that awesome.) inspiration today! Wait till you see the last image. I’m redoing my dining room asap! Thank you so much Elizabeth! xoxo -Leah

When I began my business six years ago, I followed advice given to me by others in the industry, “Sell images for the wall”. It was great advice and has brought me wonderful success. Today I’d like to share some tips with you on how to effectively get your clients to purchase and hang your images on their walls.

For starters, I knew I did not want the hassle of framing images here in the studio but I did want for my clients to leave with beautifully framed images. I found a small framing company and began a partnership with them. To begin with, I chose several frames (some in black and some in brown) that I was interested in selling. I had all the images in my studio framed in these frames so that the client could see what the frame looks like when hanging on the wall with art inside. I show a total of seven different frames in the studio because giving clients too many options tends to overwhelm them. If the client wants something very specific that I don’t carry then the framers will go to the client’s home for a consultation or will bring samples to the studio for me to show the client (see how this is a great working relationship?). Partnering with a framing company is beneficial for both the client and the photographer. My clients love that they can hang their portraits in their home as soon as they pick them up. They appreciate having my help when choosing a frame and they love that I sign and date their mats.

The second factor for my success has been my partnership with a local interior decorator. My decorator has great style and vision and has been key in influencing clients to style their homes using my work and framing. When I built my studio, I worked closely with the interior decorator as she decorated and designed the space. So, when clients come to the studio they always want to know whom I used to make the studio so elegant and beautiful. As a result, about 40% of my clients hire her to decorate their homes. My clients love the designs she comes up with and the wall displays she creates for them. The decorator and I will work closely with one another so that the client ends up with the perfect gallery in their home.

Finally, I think it is crucial to show what you want to sell. When you enter the studio, the first thing a client sees is a wall gallery with nine framed images. In the studio, I show many examples of framed portraits, canvas’, and wall displays. It’s so nice to be able to point to something and say “wouldn’t that look great above your fireplace?” during an ordering session. Again, some people just need that little bit of visual stimulus to be able to be able to imagine what something might look like in their house.

Most of my clients have one or more wall galleries in their homes. My clients love having their images hanging where they can enjoy them daily and where their guests can see them. I hope that you might be inspired by some of my client’s wall galleries…


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  1. Meghan says:

    Can you offer your customer a better product at the same price as a lab by going to a local framer instead? I know this article was written in 2010 and maybe since then more labs offer framing too. I was just wondering why you don’t use your lab for this. Thanks! Great article and love the image examples!

    • Working with a lab would probably have faster turnaround for sure and most likely have a lower cost of good for you. The reason I went with a local framer is because I started with a lab but the quality was soooo bad that I switched to a local business. There are companies I am totally have to work with now, like Organic Bloom.

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