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David Jay makes kissing in the rain look so good

Did anybody watch The Bachelorette this season? Part of me is so embarrassed to admit that I watched it. I’ve never seen even 5 minutes of the show before the start of this season and I have no idea how I sat down long enough to see the first episode of this one but I got so hooked. I’m writing this and working to get drafts from the old site over to the new site and as I think of this awesome video I’ll admit that I’m feeling totally gushy over Ali and Roberto at the same time. While I may not agree with the conceptual ideas of the show (at all – I mean come on. Kiss – I think I love you… kiss – I think I love you instead) I have to say that I thought both had tremendous character and really are just good people. And… Being an absolute sucker for romance… I hope the very very best for them! So while I think back on their steamy kiss in Bora Bora, here’s a video for you to enjoy of another steamy kiss in the rain. You’re about to see a glimpse of a fantastic engagement shoot by David Jay that took place at night and in the pouring rain. It makes me want to get wet!

And just for fun… In case you didn’t know,
David Jay is the photographer that Jasmine Star chose for her own wedding.
If you’d like to see the slide show go here.


  1. Kalli says:

    W.O.W! I NEVER would have thought of planning to shoot at night. But you can see how much fun it was and the possibilities of still using “natural light”! Beautiful, totally creative, and oh, so romantic. Thanks for sharing!

you said:

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