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Homework Assignment Contest -Silhouettes

It’s both my girl’s first official Monday in school, I’ll be at After Dark this week and we move into our new home this weekend…. So much going on but all awesome stuff. Now I just have to keep up the adrenaline to make it all happen with Leah pizazz (pah-ha-ha!). In honor of my girls being back on school, I thought we’d have another homework assignment. I’m really excited about this particular homework assignment! Now I know it’s almost fall and when we think of silhouettes we might typically think of summer nights on the beach but I assure you, silhouettes can be a dramatic part of any session during any month of the year. A couple weekends back we were on the beach (okay I’m contradicting myself) and I pulled out the camera to get a few fun shots. I got so excited looking in my viewfinder that I decided I wanted to share my happiness with all of you by offering a homework assignment! Really? Does that sound as annoying teacher as I think it does? But we’re photographers, we want excuses to take great pics and who doesn’t love creating something different?

If you would like to brush up on your silhouette know how, there is a fantastic tutorial that Heather Ward wrote for Go{4}Pro last year – see HERE! And just to make this homework assignment sweeter… much much sweeter! I thought it would be awesome if we had the teacher (Heather Ward) pick her prized pupil! Heather’s going to guest judge and she’ll be offering her favorite homework contributor something awesome from her shop of actions! So go check out Heather Ward Actions, see what she offers and how she can help speed up your post processing and get excited for this weeks assignment. Once you’re excited go be super creative, grab the kids or some friends or even tomorrow’s session and create something fun and show off your best work on Go{4}Pro.

IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE HEATHER WARD ACTIONS CONTEST you will need to create a blog post specifically with your silhouette submission (you get extra points if you mention Go{4}Pro and Heather Ward Actions) and use the linky tools at the bottom.

It is critical that you do not link to your main site or blog but instead directly to the image you are submitting either through your blog or flickr account. Heather is awesome enough to be looking in at everyone’s submission and we don’t want her on a wild goose chase all week! If Heather can’t get to the image through your direct link you will not be eligible for her awesome actions.

*I’m going to be the first on linky tools  just to give an example of how to submit your entry but of course I’m not eligible (think of me as the T.A. ;))



  1. PaveiPhotos says:

    cool! This sounds fun! I have been meaning to play around with silhouettes. I hope i get a chance to enter. It has been raining for weeks here…waiting for a sunny evening!!

  2. Jamie says:

    I just took some silhouettes the other night after looking at your blog, Leah! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Meli says:

    Fun! Does it have to be a new photo, or can it be one we’ve taken before?

  4. Rebecca Pierce says:

    Ahhhh…finally got this to work! I tried so hard to do this for the last one you did about expression, and finally gave up!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I accidently deleted the link for the first thumbnail I posted. Sorry about that. I don’t know how to delete the thumbnail…

  6. Maryvel says:

    This sounded like fun, so here is my entry! Your picture is beautiful!

  7. I just entered, and I hope I’m not too late! Thanks for a super fun contest, I love me a great silhouette!!

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