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Social Media :: For or Against You?


Let’s get a REAL discussion going— one that will create a conversation.

I will be working on a full post discussing social media, my thoughts, and some ideas on keeping it in check. But today I’m dying to hear from you!

Are you swimming or sinking?

We have been promised that social media will open doors of opportunity. Have you found this to be true for your business? OR … Are you pleading with yourself not to admit that it has become productivity’s greatest nemesis?



  1. Krystal says:

    Yep, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I spend more time looking at other people’s work rather then creating my own. I spend more time on facbook then I should. I know why. I’m at home on my own and longing to connect with other adults(well, not any adult but my family and friends). While they are good things I know I need to put limits on them. I thrive on structure and have done better with putting rules and structure around those things.

  2. Personally, I dislike Facebook, I think it’s for nosy people! BUT….it has been the catalyst of my photography business purely by accident! I know that the majority of my clients look at my Facebook fan page albums before seeing my website. One goal for 2011 is to actually spend more time in getting my FB site a true extension of my business personality. I not only post albums of recent sessions but also albums of my photo products and any unique events I’m involved in that are photography related. I’ve also started importing my blog posts and my email newsletters. My opinion is if you use it strictly for business it can be a fabulous marketing tool but it requires time and strategic thinking just like any other marketing avenue.

  3. I am definitely on the fence on social media. I don’t twitter. I don’t really know anyone that does. I truly believe that for me, it would be a waste of time.
    Now facebook on the other hand, I do. I know I could do better, I know I need to put more time into it and post more from my business page, but I’m on it personally and really enjoy it. I’ve thought of doing the contests and different things, but I’m still trying to find what works. I don’t have many clients that are on FB at all, so comment contests wouldn’t work for me. I’m still trying to be clever at finding something that will work for me. But its not the top of my priorities right now, so I haven’t thought about it much. Also, there are some of my “friends” (other businesses) that post WAY too much and I’m sick of hearing from them, and I don’t want to go to that extreme either. Happy medium.
    I’m dying to see what others think too.

    • Leah Remillet says:

      I know exactly what you mean… I know one photographer who posted every time he booked a session, blogged a post, edited an image, pulled out his camera and went to the bathroom. Okay slightly exaggerated but it drove me batty!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Well, I would have to say it sucks most of my time out of my day. I am what they call an addict…I swear! I fit under the exact criteria of what they call the “social media addict”. I find myself checking it constantly and will admit, I get a little “high” off of seeing positive feedback on my posts and comments! It’s HORRIBLE!

    However, I have just started my business and I can attribute every bit of my success in gaining clients to the internet and social networking. What I need to do is grow up and get over this need to be constantly recognized for my work (not only by others but to feel as though I have reached the next level in my mind). ha ha ha yeah right…the day I stop striving to be better and do better work will be the day I quit!

    p.s….oh how I wish you had another self portrait giveaway. Well, not so much a giveaway because you are FAR too generous in what you do…but I really would have loved to join in the last one. I think it would have pushed me outside of my comfort zone…one I wasn’t ready to be pushed out of in December. ha ha ha, thanks again for that one Leah, it was fabulous getting to read and discover the work of so many talented photographers and artists!

  5. Kalli says:

    I’ve got my way-too-long to do list sitting right in front of me. But instead of doing ANY of it this morning I have been visiting blogs, checking out Facebook, etc. all the while thinking, “Why am I doing this?”

    I keep a very regular blog, and I have had a few specific clients who I meet at the session and they begin talking mid-conversation–like they know me, because of what they’ve read at my blog. That’s good. But I almost feel like my popularity is rising with everyone ELSE. People at church, friends of family, etc. So now THEY think I’m cool, but does that matter? I guess it helps to keep you and your business in the forefront of people’s minds.

    Is there a way to measure the effectiveness of a regular blog and Facebook status updates?

  6. Kim Larsen says:

    I am on the fence about social media. I don’t get twitter. At all. I have a twitter account that I use for entering contests online, but nothing else. I just don’t understand it.

    Facebook, I understand. I spend way too much time on it, and I’m not sure it really pays off, but I understand it! 😉 So far, I haven’t had anyone tell me that they found me through Facebook, and all of my fans are people that I know personally, have worked with, or they are from Sweden (or some other country in that region) and have only “liked” my page because of my name!

    It’s so easy to get sucked in and waste hours online that could be spent doing something worthwhile for my business, but I’m afraid of letting go of any “free” marketing I can get my hands on.

  7. Morgan says:

    I honestly haven’t started a facebook page for my photography business. I am afraid that it will take up a ton of time. I thought that I would start it during the slow season. There have been days when I have almost started it and then backed out. It makes me alittle nervous I guess. Not to mention I’m afraid that I will have 2 people “like” it. 🙂

  8. interesting that you just blogged this .
    i was reading an article on msnbc about how social media is making us less human.

    i haven’t been able to get hooked to twitter, i tried but just didn’t stick with it….
    i think facebook is great for helping to get my work shown to people and their friends, and their friends , and their friends , etc. but i do think some people totally go overboard with it and they become obsessed with updating their status with every move they make …. that is when i think it is not healthy .

    i do use facebook for showing my latest sessions, a proud moment with my kids here and there and exciting news ( such as when my husband surprised me with our vow renewal 😉 )

    nut i do try and use the phone and meet people for coffee too .

    i do think that is important .

  9. edit :
    nut should be but 😉

  10. stacey says:

    i’m always torn on this subject. i’m logical enough to know that social media has to have it’s positives…if used correctly. therein lies the problem. i haven’t figured out how to master using it correctly. instead, for me anyway, it becomes a major time-suck that i can’t seem to get out of. can’t wait to read all your great (because i know it will be!) advice on how to avoid the time-suck and become productive with social media! ps. twitter baffles me the most, not sure what i have to say that would interest anyone on the planet 🙂

  11. Ashley says:

    I thought I was the only one! I have had the contests and really focus on showing off my work and having relevant content rather than straight marketing- still I see very little interaction from fans. I also have lost fans- especially after a big voting contest! Everytime I hear about FB marketing, it’s stuff I already do, but it doesn’t seem to work for me! Even when I ask questions or input, it’s like it falls on deaf ears (or fans!).

  12. kelli says:

    The whole idea overwhelms me. I don’t know where to start. I don’t think I’m the wittiest writer, and I’m a pretty private person. I have a hard time thinking that people will want to read my blog or my twitter or whatever, but then again, I read theirs, so maybe they will! I wish I knew the top 3 things I could do social-marketing wise that would make a difference in my business. I don’t think I have time for more than that.

  13. Kelli Taylor says:

    I have yet to enter the world of twitter. Isn’t facebook enough? It’s hard to keep up! And really, does anyone care that I just went to trader joes or hand another newborn portrait session? Like the other Kelli said, I’m not the wittiest writer either so I struggle. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!

  14. Lisa Heuer says:

    Social media… we all like access to it but it seems the common thread is that it is NOT productive. It is more like an outlet to be curious and solve your curiosity (about people or other businesses/blogs). I have Twitter, I have a FB page and none of the above bring in business-word of mouth is my main source. So, I ask myself… why do I keep up a FB page? Why Twitter? Who the heck cares how many people have “liked” your page? There is no direct correlation between how many likes you have and how successful your business is. It cracks me up when all contests and free things involve first “liking” etc. So, I am trying to understand it myself but I had to work hard on no longer NEEDING feedback from my social network outlets because most were others like me… not my potential clients.

  15. Lisa Heuer says:

    and please someone do tell me how does “liking” a business help/bring in more business? What is the point? I really don’t understand!

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