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How to Develop a Photography Brand

Developing a photography brand is one of the most exciting parts of getting started to me, in fact I liked it so much that I developed my own brand about 50 times before I finally settled on my business identity. Now I get to expand this creative side as I help other photographers develop their own brand. Todays I get to share with you the logo & design experience as seen from photographer Morgan Mathews. I had so much fun creating and designing her logo, branding and marketing kit. This was one of my favorite photographer identity concepts of 2010 – I just love everything about how this brand turned out! When Morgan sent me an email to share with me some of the marketing pieces that she’d had printed from her Ultimate Marketing Kit and what she’d done with the new Newsletter Templates I couldn’t wait to share! This is what the shop is ALL about for me… The idea that these templates can help photographers, new and established freshen or create all together a professional and polished brand for their business makes me want to stand up and dance the Carlton!

Photography Logo Design

Making the decision to have Leah design my logo and customize my marketing kit was one of the best decisions and investments I have made so far in my business. When I started my photography business I really wanted my business to have a professional look to it. I also wanted my branding to reflect my personality. My business is very personal for me and I wanted my clients to know that. I started doing tons of research, making notes of things I liked, logos, colors, etc. I knew what I liked, the problem was that I couldn’t get it all to come together. I either felt like I was copying someone or it just wasn’t coming out the way that I wanted it to. That is when I decided to hire Leah.

Working with Leah was probably the least stressful project I have had when it has come to the business side of my business. She first sent me a questionnaire. It really made me sit down and think about the specifics of my business, what I wanted from it, and what I wanted other people to see. The hardest part for me was picking a digital paper pack. Originally I had picked a pack that was super fun, and used colors that I would normally never use. I thought that it would make my business branding more original. Once I picked a pack, I sent it all to Leah and let her work her magic. A few weeks later she sent me an email asking more questions and gave me a few suggestions for a paper pack that would correspond with the type of logo design that I liked. That’s when I realized that Leah was not only great at what she does, but she is amazing and she really cares that you 100% love what she designs for you! Needless to say I didn’t go with the paper pack that I originally picked. I looked at her suggestions, looked at the site, and finally decided on the one that I have now. I can say that I couldn’t love it more. I am so glad that Leah was able to guide me and help me pick something that I would love and that would really work for me.

I have had a huge reaction to my new branding. Everyone that I talk to has something positive to say about it. I have had people tell me that my blog looks great and that putting my logo on my pictures makes it that much better. My brother in law even mentioned how great my presentation was. I have had people tell me how professional all of my packaging looks.

I am so happy to know that my business is totally streamlined. It’s great to know that my letterhead, ordering forms, business cards, and whatever else I need are all designed to complement each other. Before I had Leah design my kit for me I was nervous that I wouldn’t use everything that comes in the marketing kit. But now that I have it I couldn’t imagine trying to run my business without it. Sure, there are things that I don’t use yet. I know that as my business grows that I will need them and I will use them. It is such a nice feeling to know that I am prepared for when that time comes.

Photography Branding Templates

Photography Marketing Templates

Photography Model ReleasePhotography Marketing Pieces

Photography Marketing Design

Photography Newsletter Templates



  1. Krystal says:

    Congrads, Morgan! So neat to watch as you take these big steps!

  2. Misti says:

    I CANNOT WAIT until I have saved up the money to do this! I’ve been looking over the paper packs & collecting ideas! 🙂

  3. brigita says:

    I kinda like this a lot – done very professional and so different. How much something like that cost?

  4. Kelly says:

    LOVE this! Beautiful job – thank you for sharing and being an inspiration to everyone just starting out…Like me 🙂

    • Leah Remillet says:

      I’m so glad that Go{4}Pro inspires you, that makes me so – so very happy to hear! I hope it continues to be your inspiration for this awesome journey!

  5. Katie Fulton says:

    love the post it’s and pens! what company did you use to print these? When I google several come up, but I hate not being able to tell what the quality will be or if their service is good.

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