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I’ve got some really fun and exciting news! My lovely friend Kelli France of Francypants Acadamy is creating an awesome line up of educational business boosting webinars. When Kelli called me and asked if I would be willing to teach one, of course I had to say yes. I love to talk too much to say no!

Seriously though, I said yes because not only do I love to talk but I also love to share what I know. I’ve decided to talk about Branding with a more direct relevance to you then you may think. Branding is such a crucial step in the success of a small business and I don’t think most photographers understand just how much it says about what they do, what they will charge and what the client should expect to get. But it really does say all that. We’re not talking billion dollar campaign budgets to get your name on Superbowl commercials. We are talking about how all the small pieces that when put together create something that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and their friends & families.

During the webinar, I’m going to share examples of logos and brands and walk you through exactly what message they are sending. I’m going to teach you how to see as your potential client will see when developing or updating your look, feel, and BRAND of your business. We will discuss how to stay true to your personality and work while creating a look that will put clients at ease and give them the message you need to send… Last, I’ll breakdown the top 10 rules — 7 keys to having a fabulous brand that clients are dying to talk about and the 3 absolute brand killers.

So when is this awesome webinar you ask? Tuesday – March 1st.

8PM – 9PM – Eastern

7PM – 8PM – Central

6PM – 7PM – Mountain

5PM – 6PM – Pacific

Webinar tuition will be an introductory price of $15. Can you believe how crazy cheap that is? Price will go up to $20 on March 1st. (Still crazy cheap). Webinars are limited to only 89 attendees so you will want to hurry and sign up for your spot. I’d hate for my readers to miss this. It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to share everything about my own brand as well as what people see when they look at yours.





  1. Regina Marie says:

    I’m so excited… all signed up for it! Thank you!!!

  2. Misti says:

    This is perfect! I’ve been saving up for your custom design package, so this will help me get everything together and ready!

  3. Mel says:

    Hi – I’ve never participated in a webinar, and was wondering what the “requirements” are? Do I need a webcam? Any special software to download? Some guidance would be helpful. Thank you…

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Hey Mel!

      Nope you don’t need anything but your computer. You will then go to the website (you may need to download software that the webinar hosting company requires – but it’s free) and then you sit at your computer and watch the show. 🙂 No webcam or anything like that is required, you don’t even need audio as everyone will be muted besides the speaker.

  4. Misti says:

    ACK! I totally spaced on this. Is there a ways to purchase a re-viewing?

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