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Some Brilliant Marketing by Miracle Whip

Who wants to talk about mayo? Normally, not me! It seems like a pretty boring topic. You stand in the aisle at the grocery store and you have a few choices… miracle whip or mayonnaise, generic or non. That’s it – it wouldn’t seem like it was worth investing any more attention then those 30 seconds it takes to toss one in your cart … But the marketing guys & gals over at Miracle Whip obviously had a different opinion. They decided to make a conversation out of Miracle Whip -and it’s  a bold one! They put out a call to action and as soon as I saw the commercial I had a new found appreciation for a food I don’t even like.

Take a Stand… Pick a Side… Love Us or Hate Us.  —  That’s what they’re asking for. It’s daring, it’s bold and I personally think it’s brilliant! They’re getting you to think about Miracle Whip!! In fact I thought it was so brilliant, that I’ve thought back on that commercial many times over the last couple weeks and decided it could be really fun to share what I think you (as a boutique photographer) should take away from Miracle Whips Marketing Campaign.


1. You can’t appeal to EVERYONE! One of the most common mistakes made is trying to have everyone like you. It’s not possible, and it dilutes all of your marketing efforts and your brand. Instead, take a stand (i.e. have a niche) and invest everything into one kind of pie.

2. Cohesive Branding Efforts! None of this would be executed with any degree of success if it wasn’t so well branded. It’s fresh, it appeals to a younger audience while giving an all American, summertime feeling and it’s easy to navigate and quickly read through. They purposefully lead your eyes to read what they want you to read first.

3. Call to Action! Creating opportunities for potential clients to take action is how you keep the conversation going. In this case, Miracle Whip offers the reader several opportunities to take more action. The first thing they do is ask a question to get to you thinking… Next they offer a free sample and to follow on FB and Twitter, as you scroll down you’re invited to have your say — love it or hate it.

4. Using You Tube. You Tube is the #2 search engine in the world, behind Google. It’s a powerful opportunity to campaign for your business. Start looking for ways to use it for your benefit, cause if you don’t – your competition will!

5. Don’t hide from reality. You can’t be great at all of it. You just can’t, so find where you are great and embrace that – one hundred percent – and then determine what it is that you’re not and or that you don’t love and just let it go. People will actually appreciate and trust you more for it.



  1. karibates says:

    Brilliant! I love your blog 🙂

  2. Great article as always. And now you’ve got me curious about miracle whip too. 🙂

    • Leah Remillet says:

      I know, they’ve got you thinking about and curious about Miracle Whip… That’s just impressive!

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