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New Logo & Branding Identity for Kelli Duhaney

I’m not so great about remembering to show you the awesome outcome after I finish a logo design and custom marketing project but I want to try to get better as I’m hoping you’ll enjoy looking. I know I always love seeing what other photographer’s are doing. So today I’m excited to introduce you to one of the newest member’s of the Go{4}Pro Branded Club, Kelli Duhaney! It’s an uber cool club… So you’ll probably want to join!

Kelli came to me saying, “I am a wife first! Then a mother. Our family time is really, really important to me and the second this business gets in the way, I’ll have to prioritize. I want to get some process in place to make the business operate smoothly and efficiently, and I want my clients to have an amazing experience with me so they will return again and again.”

I love how clearly Kelli can see the big picture. In order to maintain the right balance in keeping her family first she needed to implement strategic processes, otherwise in the unstructured chaos the business can do nothing but dominate her focus.

When it came to her new branding identity, Kelli wanted it to most strongly convey, “confident, comfortable and uncomplicated.” We chose a clean and strong color palette of blue, green and white to grow with her family photography clientele. Looking for a Gap meets RealSimple and is introduced to Kelli and her camera vibe. This is what we came up with…

If you’re ready to structure and rebrand your business, the ultimate marketing kit is a perfect solution. The Paysen Ultimate Marketing Kit comes with everything you see above (except the logo) and more. The marketing kit consists of 27 different marketing pieces that are fully layered psd files! You just switch out the papers, changes the colors and update the text and you now have your own customized marketing approach to bring your business and your client experience to the next level!

Common Questions: I thought I’d try to field some common questions that usually come up!

What’s the wait time for custom work? My current wait time for logo design and customizing the ultimate marketing kit for you is only 3 weeks! Of course that can change with out warning to you or me when new design projects are commissioned. {wink}

What comes in the Ultimate Marketing Kit? The kit comes with 27 fully layered different marketing pieces including: 1. Letter Head (great for your welcome letter) 2. Envelope (Vistaprint) 3. Business Card (WHCC / should work with any standard temp) 4. Mini Moo Card ( 5. Order Guide 6. Product Guide 7. Session Guide 8. Pricing Guide (just fill in the price and your collections) 9. Contract (text included) 10. Model Release (text included) 11. Thank you card (WHCC) 12. Tri-fold brochure (WHCC) 13. Print care (3×3 for home printer) 14. 4×6 Print Box (vertical & horizontal from WHCC) 15. Disk Care (3×3 for home printer) 16. Disk Case (single & double from WHCC) 17. CD Label Template (Avery Label 8960) 18. Reminder Card (WHCC Bookmark) 19. Referral Card (WHCC Rep Card) 20. Address Label – Sticker (WHCC) 21. Magnet (business card size from Vistaprint) 22. Favicon (Specs from Blu Domain) 23. Sticky Note (Vistaprint) 24. Pen (Vistaprint) 25. Large Info Card (WHCC postcard) 26. Small Car Magnet (Vistaprint) 27. Copyright Info/Education 5×5 folded card 28. Instruction & Hints (this document)

Is wording included? Wording for contract, model release, copyright information, print care, disk care, referral program and the reminder card is included. Information that would be specific to your studio such as price points, about you and session details is not.

Is the Custom Marketing kit different from the regular Paysen Kit? No! I actually take the Paysen Kit ($200) and just do the customization for you ($375). This option is for people who know they don’t have the time and or are not familiar working in photoshop layers.

Just so you know: The Ultimate Marketing Kit is changing and will be being replaced with a slightly different and higher price pointed marketing option by the beginning of April. If you are familiar with clipping masks and colors overlays you may want to snatch your ultimate marketing kit in either The Paysen or The Adi and customize it now! I’ve never announced before when things are switching because I don’t want to get overloaded but I want to give you the option in case it’s been something you’ve been thinking about and waiting for.

Oh… And I’m going to be announcing workshop details soon! We’re restructuring so that every photographer who is ready can learn to thrive!



  1. Erin Low says:

    i lalalalaove this branding!!!!

  2. This is fantastic. I love the logo! I get such a kick out of seeing new designs. I think you did a fabulous job.

    It’s so important to listen to, understand, hear, and connect with your client. I can’t stress enough to people how important their branding is, even if they’re only writing a blog (like me).

    I don’t get face to face time with a lot of people, most of my interaction is online so seeing my blog gives them an idea of who I am, because it’s designed based on me. I encourage everyone to work with a designer on their branding.

    Beautiful work!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Thank you Kimberly!! You’re so right… I’ve been doing a lot of teaching and talking about exactly that lately! You are your brand!!

  3. Morgan says:

    I love this! Leah you did such a great job, and Kelli did such a great job with colors and picking a “vibe”. Awesome!

  4. Kelly Nelson says:

    Love this! I just bought a navy/green shirt today at Target and was thinking to myself how much I love the color combo!

  5. UWS Photo says:

    Workshop Details? I can’t wait to findout more!!

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