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First, I should probably tell you a little about what you might be getting yourself into. I have no half way switch, it’s all or nothing with me and 99% of the time I’m switched to ALL. That will never change, at least I hope not! I’ll expect you to help me stay organized,  prioritized, inspired, playing with my kids and carving out movie night with my hubby! Seriously! I am looking for an assistant specifically for Go{4}Pro Photos, someone who gets me and appreciates my flawed intentions. I daydream of being able to turn the Go{4}Pro switch off from time to time knowing that I can trust all is well in your capable hands – leaving me to be the wife and momma that I dream of. Your ultimate responsibilities will be in helping with the upkeep and growth of Go{4}Pro Photos.

You don’t have to live in Portland or Seattle, we can make this a long distance relationship! So if the below list applies to you then you may just be MY perfect fit!

You’re smart.
You’re a happy soul.
You are loyal.
You look to improve upon ideas.
You follow directions well.
You’re proactive.
You’re a problem solver.
You love Google.
You’re confident.
You know Photoshop and are proficient with layers, clipping masks, transforming and PNG files.
You enjoy brainstorming and thinking through alternative options.
You recognize and appreciate good color and design.
You’re eloquent.
You’re efficient.
You are articulate.
Your written grammar is excellent.
You love marketing.
You are 100% able and willing.
You are a super organized person.
You work quickly.
You’re witty.
You are honest in all your doings.
You know how to follow through and see a task to completion.
You’re happy to do whatever random jobs I might ask of you.
You are better than me in every way that I need you to be.
You are familiar with WordPress blogs and/or sites.
You are unwilling to settle for mediocrity.
You’re creative.

Some tasks will include:

Research //  Photoshop Styling  //  Proofing  // Responding to email // Marketing  // Planning & Scheduling

Part Time | Hourly Wage | Start ASAP

Application Information:

If you are interested in the position, please submit your resume via email to go4prophotos{at} //  Subject Line: Personal Assistant-Your Name



I want to give a shout out to Natalie! I loved your “Hiring” Post from a good while back, and never forgot it! It was the inspiration for mine.



  1. Maggie says:

    I wish I fit all those criteria Leah! They are the traits and skills I’m working on in myself. And I’d love to work with you. It would be fun to be a team. Best of luck to you!

  2. christine says:

    ditto what maggie said. Good luck with your search Leah! I am sure you will find someone amazing.

  3. Kalli says:

    I wish I wasn’t so busy! That sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to meet the person who fills the spot.

  4. Julie says:

    I’d be interested but I’m pretty sure when you said long distance you didn’t mean Nova Scotia, Canada. Also my Photoshop skills are not up to par. Good luck 🙂

  5. Megan says:

    I think this would be my dream job. I would love to learn more photoshop, wordpress, and marketing skills. What are the best places to learn these skills that you are looking for? I would love to apply but I would need some pre-training to be able to complete some of the tasks.

  6. Molly Denson says:

    I wish SO much that I was proficient in PS so I could apply for this! Will have to study up so I can apply next time!

  7. Marissa says:

    Would love the opportunity to work with you! Go4ProPhotos has been huge for me, and given the opportunity, I’d be so happy to be a part of something that is helpful for so many people. I sent you an email, I’d love to chat 🙂

  8. Chantel says:

    I like the working long distance thing . . . might just give me an excuse to have to visit the West coast again. 🙂 Just sent in my resume. I hope you find the right person.

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