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Tips for a Great {Client Contact Submission} Response

Kelli France and I talk on the phone multiple times a week, brainstorming up what we should each do next. In between pre-school pick up, t-ball drop off and crock pot cooking we offer up advise to one another whether it’s asked for or not! One of recent conversations was about our blogs, we’ve been brainstorming with each other about great content as well as structured posting so we can each stop scratching our heads as to what to write next. One of Kelli’s ideas for me was to focus on my 4 P’s each Monday {Passion, Profit, Purpose and being Pro}. I thought that this was pretty brilliant, so today we’re starting with Profit. One of my goals that I shared with Kelli was for me to share more about the little things that I’m doing in my own photography business. So let’s start at the beginning of the client experience, when that new ‘Client Inquiry’ drops into the email box.

First things first! I try to respond to these emails as quickly as I can (I’m not always good about that but it does make a huge difference). If they left a phone number I’m going to reply second and call first! I want to talk to them on the phone because then I can ask questions, show my genuine enthusiasm and have their schedule and my schedule in front of us and usually I’ll be able to just lock in the date and the payment right then.

After I’ve either left a voicemail or had a conversation over the telephone, I follow up with an email. This is a prewritten “auto signature” for new clients where I plug in personal info about their family to personalize the message while using a “template” so as not to forget important details (I’m super forgetful!).  This email talks about my photographic philosophy, how I shoot, a brief description of what they can expect and links them to my ordering catalog.

One of the highlights of this email is a promotional video that I include. I started including these because with all the written text I wanted to help evoke emotion and what better way to do so then with my photography?

Here is the promotional marketing video (created using Animoto Pro) that goes out with new client emails:

If they are shopping for a photographer then my slideshow will help create a memorable impression, if the Mrs. is needing help convincing the Mr. it’s worth the investment, this may just be what she uses! And Animoto is now set up to plug in to Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture just to make things even easier for us!!

Animoto is one of my favorite things I’ve purchased for my business! It was a BIG investment when I first got it but it has paid for itself over and over again over the years! I’ve tried to be very creative in using it. I use Animoto for each client slideshow and they have the option to purchase that slideshow during the ordering appointment as well as for my marketing promotions and it’s been awesome for gifts for family members too! Use the links to get a free additional month with your membership!

Client Contact Submission Overview:

1. Let them truly get to know you with a phone call! Be ready with paper and pen and take notes!
2. Have a pre-written {auto signature} response so you can respond quickly.
3. Include a promotional video with your response email for a “wow” factor. (You could even have different videos for different session types)
4. Follow up in a couple days if you haven’t heard back from them. (This could even be with a hand written note!)
5. Be forward about your Collections and Services and know what sets you apart and makes what you offer special!

  1. I just signed up for the Animoto Pro last week and I can’t rave enough about it! I got pretty good at making my own videos in iMovie but there’s nothing quicker than Animoto and the selection of licensed music was the big seller. I love your idea to send a video to new inquiries…that’s next on my list to create. Thanks!

  2. tamsen says:

    awesome thanks! i am making a newborn promo for my E-mails to clients right now! Animoto has the option to do free 30 second videos if anyone is interested but doesn’t want to spend the money now 🙂

  3. Leah as usual such a wonderful idea! I use Animoto for client slideshows from sessions. When I make my slides (like the ones you used to quote your clients) where I am writing in text it is always blurry, not clean and sharp like your. I am making my text slides in photoshop. Did you do something differently. Or are my fonts all just blurry!!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      I’m making mine in photoshop to. Create them as a 5×7 – get it how you want it and then resize it for 750 px. width. See if that fixes it for you!

  4. tamsen says:

    one question though- how do you embed the video into the Canned Responses?

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Good question, I don’t… I haven’t figured that out either so I just have it saved on my desktop and add in before I hit send.

  5. thank you leah! this is an amazing idea. i have really been trying to ‘wow’ them with my inquiry response emails…and this is definitely the way to do it!

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