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Free What to Wear Blog Boards

I stumbled on a really cool site the other night! I was needing to make up some ‘what to wear blog boards’ for Leah Remillet Photography, I feel like those are a lot of fun for clients and great filler posts but I was lamenting the time it was going to take me to put them together. I always way over think those what to wear boards and 2 hours later, I’m still “shopping” for just the right outfits and then of course you have to bring them into photoshop and remove the backgrounds… They take some time!

Back to my story… So it’s late, I’m googling and trying to find an easy answer when low and behold the most fabulous thing that never happens – happened! A suber-easy answer presents itself at the top of my Google Search!! {Insert my happy dance } Zenia, the creator of Inspire Me Baby creates a FREE monthly ‘What to Wear’ post that you can download and use logo free and without linkage – We should all start clapping for Zenia! Seriously!


And it turns out that Zenia is super sweet too! Of course that’s not surprising at all! So we chatted over email a bit and I told her I wanted to tell you all about IMB and she said she’s a Go{4}Pro Reader already (made my heart sing!) and would love to tell her readers about G4P and we even decided to do a giveaway from Go{4}Pro on Inspire Me Baby that’s happening right NOW so hip hip hurray for awesome photographer inspiration blogs (um yes I’m shamelessly including my own in that sentence)!



  1. tamsen says:

    yay! I love Zenia and I love her blog!!! Awesome that you guys are working together!

  2. Morgan says:

    Best giveaway ever!

  3. christine says:

    so so excited fingers crossed and then crossed again.

  4. Stacy says:

    I am SO glad you posted these! I spend a ridiculous amount of time on my “What to Wear” posts each week. I’m almost more excited about these than I am about the giveaway…almost. 😉

  5. Maggie says:

    I love IMB and have used their WTW blog boards. Such a great resource as are you! So glad you teamed up!

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