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Mini Polaroid Magnets Tutorial

This is such a fun post that I get to share with you today! Jennifer Kirk of Ambrosia Creative created these great Mini Polaroid Magnets and today Jenn will be showing us how to create them ourselves. Wouldn’t these be an adorable client gift at Christmas time? Believe me, May is not too early to start thinking, planning and working on Christmas gifts for our clients!

Tiny Polaroid Magnet

Tiny Polaroid Magnet Tutorial

Hi there! I came across these DIY Pantone chip magnets on How About Orange and wanted to do something similar. The idea of tiny Polaroids dotting my fridge sounded cute to me.

So I pretty much followed the tutorial with a few modifications. I designed my own Polaroids in Photoshop using a real Polaroid frame I scanned in (you can download below). I scaled my Polaroids down to about 0.8″ wide and then printed on photo paper. Using rubber cement, I mounted my printed sheet to chipboard (the back of an old spiral-bound sketch book worked just fine for me) and sort of laminated my mini photos by laying pieces of clear masking tape on top. The paper glaze didn’t work for this project as it was causing the ink to run and bleed.

Once trimmed out, instead of painting the edges white, I used a white opaque marker from Martha Stewart’s craft line, and colored in the edges.

After attaching the magnet pieces to the back, I had myself a new set of magnets:

Polaroid frame to use for your analog-photo desires:

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Jenn for sharing this awesome tutorial with Go{4}Pro readers! If you appreciate this post, leave a comment and say thanks to Jenn! Also stop by her website to see the other awesome stuff she’s up to.




  1. Amy says:

    What a unique way to display photos! I love this and so will all my friends and family, thank you!!

  2. Michelle Woodland says:

    Love these!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Kalli says:

    I’m always looking for cute and easy DIY ways to display my pictures. This is a great find! Thanks!

  4. Kim Larsen says:

    I saw this post on her blog last week and have it on my list of things to try one of these days… when I have some free time, that is! 🙂

  5. mary says:

    sadly! the photos are broken! I’d love to see this!

  6. Sonya Larado says:

    This is amazing! My MFA thesis was based on Polaroid images created in printmaking process. Thank you for sharing!

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