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DIY-Camera Strap Tutorial

We see them everywhere. All of those awesome camera straps that everyone is sporting, but how about making your own camera strap to be as original and unique as you are? Today’s post is a special guest tutorial from the fabulous ladies over at Luxy Living! Are you think of making one for yourself? If you do, I’d love to hear how it goes and of course you’re welcome to make one for me too if ya’ want to. 😉

And now… How to go from boring and black standard DSLR Strap to ultra chic and fab custom camera strap…

Gray and white stripe fabric- Moda

Rhinestone yardage, iron-on stabilizer and burlap- Walmart

Stretch tulle- JoAnn Fabrics

Pleated satin ribbon, buttons, red toweling fabric- unknown source

I measured the portion of the camera strap that I wanted covered and added a half inch to to all sides for seam allowance.  After cutting two strips of striped fabric (the front and the back of strap), I ironed the stabilizer onto the back of one piece.  I knew I would be adding a lot of embellishments, and I wanted to make sure they had something sturdy enough to hold their weight.  I then sewed the pleated ribbon down the center of the piece with the stabilizer.

Placing right sides together, I sewed down the length of one of the sides, folded the short ends to the stabilizer side and sewed the length of each.  I placed the right sides together again and sewed the other long side together.

After turning the camera strap right side out, I ironed it flat.  It is now ready to be embellished.

I cut a 1 inch by 24 inch strip of the stretch tulle and sewed a gathering stitch down the center lengthwise.

I gathered the strip of tulle into a ruffle.

I attached the rhinestones to the ruffle by hand stitching around each link.

I started the fabric flower by cutting a 2 inch by 18 inch strip of the red fabric, and folding it in half lengthwise.  Fold the corner down on one end and stitch it to the center of a 3 inch by 3 inch square piece of felt.

To create the flower, fold the fabric over at an angle, working your way around in a circle.  Stitch each fold through the felt backing to the front, and to the back again.

When there is about 2 inches of fabric left, trim the excess felt off of the back, being careful not to cut your stitches.  Then fold one last petal and stitch the end of the fabric to the back of the flower.

The small burlap pieces were hot glued so they would hold their shape and be less likely to fray.

I hand sewed each piece onto the camera strap using needle and thread, then used a hot glue gun to secure any loose pieces.

And there you have it!  Is that not awesome or what!?! I’m so envious of people with such amazing crafty talent ! Thank you so much to Luxy Living for sharing your amazing talent with all of us!



  1. Fuchsia says:

    Thank you for the feature, Go {4} Pro! Much appreciated.

    • Leah Remillet says:

      You are very welcome… Although I feel I should be thanking you – this is such an awesome tutorial!!

  2. Natalie says:

    SO awesome!! Thanks a ton for the tutorial–you gave me a weekend project! 🙂

  3. Cheryn says:

    AWESOME LEAH!!! This is going on my to-do list in the not-too-distant future (;

  4. Lu Ann says:

    Love this idea! Camera straps are so boring and this can be so individualized. Love this! Thank you!

  5. Quanessa says:

    Hello, I am curious where you purchase the crown for this diy camera strap. I had no luck today with almost any of the items in Joanns except for the burlap. Neither less to say Joanns where I live customer service sucks so bad.

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