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Hello Lovelies,

I’m off camping for the next week so we won’t have access to internet or technology really. I have to admit, I’m really excited at the idea. We’ll be doing a lot of wake-boarding, all of the kids are so excited to try it and I can’t wait to see the little ones on the board with Taylor. and I am so excited for smores! Actually I don’t really like smores all that much but I love roasted marshmallows so I just plan to eat those by the bag.

I’ve recently had little spurts where I just ignore technology for a day and it’s wonderful! I highly encourage you to try it. I know people keep saying that and you think to yourself (or at least I did) ‘fine for you but I don’t need to do that’, or ‘well I can’t get away with that’ but believe me you can and I can and it’s pretty stink’n awesome! By unplugging from technology we naturally plug in to something else, find out what yours is.




  1. So true! I recently decided that Sundays are unplugged…no computer, no phone calls, not even Words with Friends! It really makes me feel much more relaxed and in-the-moment with my family.

    Have a fun week! You deserve it!

  2. Regina Marie says:

    Hope you have a GREAT time!

you said:

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