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Photography Coaching Call: I’ll be dialing up…

Has anyone told you that you’re amazing today? Have they? They should have… I’m telling you now! You’re amazing! When I started this little contest my brain was somewhere totally different then yours (and yours is so much better!!). I was thinking that people would post things like, ‘videos’, ‘interviews’ or ‘branding posts’. I was thinking that I could get a feel of what you did and didn’t like for future posts. I was expecting these singular answers and wasn’t for one minute ever thinking that it would have anything to do with me. You’re responses and comments have left me feeling like doing cartwheels, handstands and backflips.

Thank you! So so much! I feel so encouraged and inspired to do and be more for you and I am so grateful for that! It’s an incredible feeling to think that you are having some small influence for good in someones life! Now let’s find out who I’m dialing up for a coaching call!

I’m excited to announce that Victoria has one a 30 minute coaching call with me! (winner was chosen using


a huge thank you to Chelsey Morgan Humphrey for sending over so many new friends to the Go{4}Pro Facebook Page! You and I have an hour of chatting to do!

One last thing… I am ecstatic to hear that Go{4}Pro has been an inspiration for you not only in your business but also with the balance of business and home! I would like to ask you to pretty please help me spread the word about Go{4}Pro. You have so much more power then I do to make Go{4}Pro what I dream of! Today there are 2,645 fans on the Go{4}Pro Facebook page. If you each brought one new friend it would double and could you imagine if you brought two?? I will video tape my backflip for that one (I don’t actually know how to do a backflip)!  Jump onto your favorite forum, facebook photography group, local groups… maybe just even shoot a quick email to a photog friend and tell them what they’re missing. I would hugely appreciate it more then I know how to say!



  1. YIPPPPEEEE! Thank you so much for the wonderful contest! Now I have to go record a happy dance that I promised my Facebook friends (mustache or no mustache?)…

  2. Victoria says:

    Thank you so much!!!

you said:

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