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Take the quiz: Are you HIREable on FB?

What’s today’s version of Pillow Talk?  I’ll give you a hint, people admit that most nights they’re cuddled up in bed whispering sweet nothing and it’s not to the person laying next to them! That’s right, they’re admitting that the last “conversation” they have before falling asleep is with the Facebook Status wall in their smart phone. Sad for the person laying next to them !! but good for the photographer trying to grab new market share!


Here is a sample of a Go{4} EverythingBrand Design that I just finished for Kalissa Photography. Karin told me that she knew she wasn’t utilizing Facebook and that she wanted to be able to connect with prospective clients there (pretty smart lady) so we brought her new logo and brand not only into her marketing but also onto her Facebook Page. Take a look at the Before & After. Who would YOU hire? Who looks more profession, more established, more confident and MORE ABLE? And that’s the power of branding (see why I <3 branding so much!?)

Rate Your Self… Take the quiz below and see how well you’re using Facebook.

1 – Nope       2-Needs Serious Work      3-Sometimes      4-Most of the Time      5-Always

1. Do you have a Facebook Business Page? (If you said no, no need to proceed – start there, right now!)

2. Do you update the status every day?

3. Do you offer fun links/content that will make your fan’s day better?

4. Do you utilize your profile picture?

5. Are you giving prospective clients the info they want without having to leave FB?

6. Have you given prospective fans a reason to “like” you?

SCORE of 24-30:  You understand that statistics prove that people don’t want to leave Facebook! You’re awesome to be capitalizing on opportunity’s to create a mini website within your Facebook Business Page. Continue to offer fun relatable content. You’re doing awesome! If you haven’t already, consider bringing your FB page to the next level with custom tabs. Great things are in store for you!

SCORE of 18-23: You have some work to do but you’re headed in the right direction! Work to make your page a fun place to be that doesn’t require a lot of external sight hopping. (For a great example check out how you can view a portfolio, send an email and get a coupon all with out leaving Facebook.) Make your info easily available so that prospective client can get the details they want and connect with you easily!

SCORE of 6-17: You might have a Facebook Page but you’re not even sure how to update your profile picture and you know that you’re not even in lowercase letters let alone CAPITALIZING on all that FB can do for you. Feeling overwhelmed? I can help you!

Report Your Score! Leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the quiz… Did you enjoy it?

If you’re still not a fan of Go{4}Pro on Faceboook, jump in!  There is an awesome workflow organization FREEBIE waiting for you not to mention great tips and tricks to get your business thriving!



  1. Ashley B says:

    Funny, I was just working on updating my fan page. Great minds think alike- haha!

  2. Kelli D. says:

    SCORE 13: LOL. So I have some serious work to do. But it’s okay… I’m still newer and I know this needs to probably be my biggest priority and knowing you can help me is so encouraging!

    Cheers to Facebook Success in the future!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Don’t think for one minute that you’re alone! We’ll see if anyone else is as brave as you to post their scores! Take it step by step and build a plan of attack! How do you eat an elephant?? One bite at a time. Of course I don’t actually suggest eating an elephant!

  3. Kalli says:

    Wow. I’m completely blown away!! Time to start a-workin’!

    Thanks, Leah–SERIOUSLY can’t wait for tonight. I have even set up a date with a friend who is also tuning in to discuss the things we learn.

  4. Melissa W. says:

    14. 🙁
    I have work to do! The quiz was awesome! It was a bit nostaligic…Remember the quizes in the seventeen magazine. 🙂 I enjoy every post, tip, story ect… that you post! You are a true inspiration!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      That’s okay… We ALL have work to do somewhere!!

      😀 The Teen Mag’s were exactly what I was thinking off when I did it!! Oh I used to {LOVE} taking those test… Are we meant for each other, will he kiss me, does he really like me? Come to think of it though… I always hated the answers! 😉

  5. Kim Larsen says:

    I got 22, but I know I still need to do some work. Question – for #5, I don’t have everything on facebook that a client would want to know before hiring me, but there are some things that I’m just not sure I want to put on facebook…like pricing. Even on my website, I only list the session fee & minimum order – they have to contact me for more details. I don’t list any of this on facebook. Should I?

    • Leah Remillet says:

      I believe people should look at Facebook as a mini website. So the same way you put pricing on your website you would on Facebook. But I wouldn’t put pricing before making sure it all LOOKED really good! A great welcome tab, gallery, about you and contact page should be first priorities. Build the connection and then offer the details.

  6. Adrienne says:

    You just made me realize my FB page needs some major changes! I have one question – How can I update my FB status everyday without getting boring!!?

  7. Jolene says:

    Thanks again for all your inspiration! I am wondering is the gallery a certain app or how do I go about creating one… where do I start!

  8. boooo, I got a 16. That’s pitiful. I guess I really need a lot of work on my facebook prowless (i don’t know if I spelled that right)

  9. Anne says:

    I’m still at the stage where I’m deciding a name for my business. My name, 1st & last get misspelled even by long time friends (Anne Snyder-just imagine the last name misspellings & pronunciations). I’m leaning away from using my name & have an idea for what I want my photographs to accomplish. Thoughts?

    • You certainly don’t have to use your name by any means… But the name you choose (I believe) is better off as a thought rather then a thing. For example… Bubble Gum make me think of and even more importantly visualize BUBBLY GUM (in what ever version my mind sees it) but Burst – that doesn’t necessarily get me to visualize as much as it gets me to FEEL something. Hope that helps to start. If you’d like to dig deeper and get some feedback to know you’re on the right track, I also offer business coaching.

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