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Logo & Brand Reveal: Ashley Tingley

“Why be you, when you can be new?” Said by Rachet the not very nice bot from Robots. I don’t know why I thought of that but I did and nothing else is popping into my head yet so we’re just going to go with it if that’s okay with you! …Thanks! It’s one of those day, actually it’s been one of those weeks. There is so much on my plate right now it’s making me borderline angry. Confession: I get angry when I’m overwhelmed, and not the cute kind.

But one thing did lighten the plate and that was when I got to deliver this new branding and marketing package for Ashley! Ashley was an absolute dream to work with!! So clear on what she wanted, so happy with every progressing stage… Dream I tell ya! And now I get to share with you her completely new brand!

What I love about this one: I love that the logo is relatively simple but that the primary pattern just brings everything to life. The colors are fabulous! The camera is hand drawn by me so it’s a one of a kind just for Ashley and it say’s ‘I can have fun’! I chose a fresh font that wasn’t to cutesy and then the primary pattern, I feel takes on a very Pottery Barn-esc vibe to it. Making the whole brand have a touch of ‘high-end’ to it. This is a very happy brand and I love that! I feel like just by looking at the brand, I get a sense that there is a very happy and friendly person behind the camera, someone I’d enjoy working with. And since I’ve gotten to know Ashley, I’d say that’s exactly right!


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  1. This is probably one of my favorites yet. I love this!

    • Thanks Shauna!! 😀 I love the finished result too! It has me wanting to go buy pillows from Pottery Barn thought… Every time I worked on it, I’d suddenly have this urge to go browse Pottery Barn. LOL.

  2. Ashley Tingley says:

    YAYYYY! I can’t stop looking through it, prints are already on the way! YOU are the BEST!!!

  3. Holy shizbuckets, that looks really awesome! I in am dire need of a new logo and most definitely need marketing materials insanely badly, if only I could find the money for your awesome service! If there was ANYTHING I’d want for Christmas, this would be it. The Ultimate Logo and Marketing Kit. Unfortunately, I don’t think my business would have enough money to afford it yet. Maybe Santa will deliver! I can believe, right? Believing gets us everywhere in life, makes us strive for our best! 🙂 Great work!

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