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How to Sell Statement Wall Art!

One of my favorite things to help my clients with is how to display their photos in their homes!  I think a wall of large statement photos is a beautiful way to show off those fabulous family portraits! We each have our different thing that makes us the most happy… You know, that one item where when the client orders it, the artist in you beams! For me it’s Wall Art, the bigger the image, the brighter I beam!

I walk into each ordering appointment ready to find somewhere to hang someth’n! During the ordering appointment, I  help measure and plan where my clients will hang their new memories.  I think this is a perfect service to offer your clients as well.

The first thing to do is find a wall!  Talk with your client and find out from them what room they would like to showcase their photos in, and plan the photo display to fit that wall.  And remember, you are the expert. They are looking for you to lead the way so don’t be bashful! If it’s not photography, I have no problem suggesting that they move art they already have hanging for the new art we are creating. And 9 times out of 10, they are happy to comply. The only question they ask is, ‘where do you think we should put the old one?’ I have no problem suggesting that they move what is already there because I believe so passionately that there is no greater art then our own works oh heART! My family is my greatest masterpiece!

Sometimes it is best to show a visual to help your clients see just what their large display will look like.  This can be done with large pieces of paper in the size in which the finished photo will be. I’ve seen people use tissue paper before which is a great idea! Or you can use images from the Wall Test to give them a general idea. (If you’re curious about the wall test, schedule a coaching call!) Seeing is often believing but feeling your passion and excitement is what ensures the grand finale.

Here are a few photos of rooms decorated with large photo displays.  Talk about making a statement!!  I love it!!

Photo Credit Hillary Thomas Designs via Pinterest via Pinterest via Pinterest



  1. Yana K says:

    Hmm so you come over before the ordering appointment to do the paper visual? Or you just suggest that before the appointment?

  2. Shondra W. says:

    I love these examples of wall art…goes to show that thinking outside of the box really pays off!

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