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What the Photographer should Wear – Part II

One of the most common questions I get asked as a photographer is, “what do we wear?”  Families sometime have trouble coming up with their wardrobes for their portrait sessions.  But photographers also have trouble deciding what to wear to actually shoot the photos!

I touched on this subject in an earlier post, which you can see here.  But since fall is around the corner, I thought another post with fall clothing for photographers was due!  Here are a few tips for photographers when planning what you will wear to your photo shoots.

1.  Be Comfortable and Professional!  No you don’t need to wear a suit to be professional! But you do need to be presentable and well put together.  As a photographer, we are our brand.  So showing up to a photo shoot dressed appropriately all while showcasing your style is the key!  But make sure you wear clothes that you can move around in.  We often find ourselves on the ground or in unusual settings.  Our clothes need to be able to withstand all situations.

2.  Layer your clothing!  This is something I touched on last time but I feel it is very important, especially in the fall!  During this time of year, the weather can be a bit unpredictable no matter where you are in the country.  Mornings can be chilly so you may need to start out with a jacket and scarf, even gloves later in the fall.  But once you start moving around or chasing kids to get that perfect shot, you will get warm and you may need to shed a layer.

3.  Dress for your Brand!  Make sure to be consistent with your brand when deciding on your clothing.  As I mentioned above, you are your brand!  A lot of times clients book with photographers that have a style that they find appealing.  That style goes beyond just the style of your photos.  It also has to do with you!!  Your personality should be reflected in the clothing that you wear but don’t over do it!  Accessorize enough but not too much.  A few stylish touches will allow you to exude your style without letting it hinder your ability to photograph your clients.  Simple touches that reflect your style and personality are best!  And have fun with it!!

Here are a few inspiration guides to help you decide what to wear this fall as you are shooting all those fun fall family photo sessions!!

Hip Photog

Hip Photog by lesliekerr featuring a leather tote

Classic Photographer

Classic Photographer by lesliekerr featuring biker boots

Comfy Photographer

Comfy Photographer by lesliekerr featuring turquoise jewelry



  1. Elena says:

    Thanks! I forget about myself sometimes 🙂

  2. Brandi says:

    I love the boots from the first inspiration photo. Where are they from.

  3. Erin says:

    Leah- Love it! As far as matching the branding for my business (Purpletree Studios) I always wear a Purple Flower in my hair to both portrait sessions & to weddings and get a comment EVERY time! I am thinking of buying a purple tie for my husband, as well, to match when he second shoots 🙂 I haven’t worn boots yet to a shoot (I live in Texas, so I guess it is time). Do the ones you have there wear pretty well in rain, mud & the like?

  4. AJCoombs says:

    These are great! But are they appropriate for a wedding? I am second shooting my first wedding on Saturday and am in a huge quandry as to what to where. Its going to be chilly and outdoors. Any suggestions???? Please help!! : )

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