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Photography Studio Tour: Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis is one of the (if not the) most incredible minds we have in the photography industry! He’s also a genuinely great guy, married to an absolute fabulous women, Melissa.  If you don’t know Jerry you should get to know him in this interview that I did with him in May of 2010. And you can see the amazing images that Jerry captured for Taylor and I, just before our 10 year anniversary here.

Today we are taking a tour of Jerry’s Studio in Melbourne, Australia! But I warn you, you may not realize your holding your breath and accidentally faint. It’s that awesome! And take notice of the trophy case, ummm ya, so can you even count all the glass inside that thing?

Great care was taken in the design of this studio. If you follow Jerry’s work or know his personality you know that this rockstar glam studio space is a perfect description. With everything in our business we need to have fluency. From your own personality to your photographic style and on to your logo, branding, presentation of everything, your studio and every single thing in between… It all must cohesively and seamlessly work with one another. The ideas is that if any person saw ANY two parts of your business they would be able to intrinsically feel the connection.

You cal also check out Jerry’s sight for photographers called the I.C.E. Society.

 Jerry’s 2012 Workshop Tour Schedule! (It’s amazing!!)



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