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Vendor Spotlight { Brooke Snow with Giveaway!

I’m excited to introduce you to Brooke Snow a long time Go{4}Pro reader, turn Go{4}Pro Sponsor who happens to be rock’n it with amazing online photography classes! Brooke is not only a fabulous teacher but she’s also an amazing person and very talented musician. The girl’s got talent pouring out of her ears. If you don’t know her, here is your chance AND THERE IS A GIVEAWAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!!
Tell me a little about you… Where are you from? married? kids?
I’m a red headed determined girl living in small town rural Utah!  I am married to a delightful husband who patiently supports my crazy ideas and driven nature.  Together we have a two year old so full of energy that all three of us fall into bed at night panting.  Parenthood is the most challenging exhausting endeavor I have ever undertaken–but also the most rewarding!
How did you begin your journey into photography?
I spent 20 years studying music and had high hopes of pursuing a career in composing.  I packed my bags for music graduate school  and had my dreams dashed to pieces upon arrival.  The program I was accepted into was nothing like I expected and their philosophy on “art” excluded anything but their own aesthetic.  I spent three years composing music that got me A grades and faculty approval but it seriously injured my creative heart.  It was in these circumstances that my life changed.  I met Dustin Fife–a pro photographer who contacted me for piano lessons and we decided to trade lessons. So basically I got private one on one photography training for an entire school year.  What an incredible blessing that turned out to be!  I found a new way to be creative in my life that really helped to fill a void that I was mourning.
How long have you been in business?
People started hiring me for photography in 2006.   I do not recommend that people start out the way I did…totally unprepared.   The last five years have been an evolution of “business”. It took at least two years of winging it and doing it all wrong to figure some important things out.  Pay attention to what Leah talks about on this blog and it will save you much heartache!
What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?
Being able to take amazing shots of my own family and plaster them all over my entire house.  When my wild 2 year old is pushing me to the edge of breakdown I see an image I’ve captured that makes me laugh, melts my heart, and shifts my perspective.  Those images change my mood several times a day and help me not be cranky and mean quite so often!

What type of classes do you offer?
I currently teach three online courses (with a secret fourth one in creation mode right now!).
Photo Basics: Master the Technique establishes confidence and control in the basics of manual shooting, composition and using natural light.
Lifestyle: Telling the Story is a creative course that teaches how to create compelling imagery that communicates to a viewer.
Advanced Pro: The Power of You brings a new level of confidence to photographers who are interested in the portrait photography elements of posing, planning and preparing for sessions, interacting with subjects for natural expressions, creating personal and meaningful experiences for your subjects and finding your own unique style.
How often are classes taught?
Usually every six weeks.
What can photographers expect to learn through your classes?
There are two things that I hope all my students learn in my classes.
1.  To think critically as a photographer.  I want to teach skills that leave photographers will an arsenal of tools to draw from in any situation, whether it is technical or creative confidence.
2.  That they personally have a mission and purpose in photography.  I whole heartedly believe that each of us have people that we are meant to serve and photograph and we can make a indelible difference in the lives of those around us (including our own!).
How do photographers register for these classes?
I open registration once every six weeks.  If you’re on my friendly email list (look lower left of screen) you’re emailed the private links for registration the moment it opens.  They usually sell out pretty quick!
What do you feel is the most important thing photographers can learn about this business and art?
Your own personal role and where you fit in this amazing place.  When you truly come to understand who you are as a photographer: your style, purpose, mission, vision, what you have that makes you different and that you truly are not meant to serve everyone–but most certainly are meant to serve specific people–then the idea of competition doesn’t really matter anymore.  The race is not against each other but in seeking to be the best YOU that you can be.  Its a journey, my friends!
What is your favorite thing about teaching other photographers?
Celebrating their moments of growth in their confidence and seeing their vision of their potential suddenly expand.  Its amazing to me each and every time.
Your artists manifesto is “learn to speak the language of your art.”  How can others create their artist’s manifesto?
So much of my happiness is derived from aligning my life with what brings me joy.  Learning to discern what truly makes us happy from that which is expected or “safe” can be a great teacher.  For me, I derive immense joy from teaching (even more than photography to be quite honest) so I have chosen to align my life with what makes me joyful.  Paying attention to those nudges for joyful experiences help us discover our personal artists manifesto.  Its different for each of us.

Brooke is giving one lucky Go{4}Pro reader a spot in her upcoming online photography course; Advanced Pro! These classes typically sell out before Brooke can even announce them on her site so if you want to be in on the details you need to sign up for her email list
Advanced Pro: The Power of You, is an exciting course that builds confidence in photographing portrait sessions.  Focus is given in preparing for a session, invaluable tips on posing single individuals, couples, and families, and ideas for interaction that bring emotion to your images. Additionally, we discuss exciting ways to personalize each session to bring added meaning to clients and a fresh creative approach to every session you do.  If you are burned out, this class will bring back the spark. If you are not quite confident in producing consistently great images, this class will help achieve that level of confidence.  Personalized video feedback is given every week on your work, and weekly live Q&A video’s provide an intimate experience to get answers to personal questions.  I may be biased, but this class is amazing 🙂
Registration has already sold out but you can be sure you have a chance to reserve your spot next time by signing up for Brooke’s newsletter. 
All the ways to win… 

1. Follow Go{4}Pro Photos on Twitter and tweet the following:   Hey Photog’s: Win a spot on @Go4ProPhotos for a spot with Brooke Snow for her Online Advanced Photography Class!

2. Make sure you like Go{4}Pro on Facebook (grab your free workflow screen saver) and update YOUR profile to say: Hey Photog’s: Win a spot on @Go4ProPhotos for a spot with Brooke Snow for her Online Advanced Photography Class!

3. Go like Brooke Snow Photography on Facebook and tell her which class you’d be most interested in attending or one reason why you think she’s awesome!

4. Forum Share: Create a new thread on your favorite forum telling them why they need to check out Go{4}Pro and let them know about this giveaway. Make sure you link them back to HERE.

*** To maximize on entries, each entry requires its own separate comment. (For example, if  you’d like to have all 4 chances to win then you need to do all four steps and then post a separate comment for each action taken telling me what you did and linking if necessary) You have 4 possible comment entries.

Comment(s) must be received by 11:59 p.m. PST on Friday, November 25th. You may not see your comment immediately! You can enter up to four times total (i.e. 4 comments).

Comments will be numbered in the order they are submitted. The winning number will be chosen via and the winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, November 28th. Good Luck!




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