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Thank you so much for continuing to help the Go{4}Pro Facebook Fan Page grow, for being a part of this little community and for being passionate about ‘thriving’ in every sense of the word with me! Thank you for your on going support!! I absolutely LOVE writing this blog, I love getting your encouragement and feedback, I love helping you find your success and I love reading your emails where you share your success stories after we’ve had a coaching call, you’ve been a part of one of my web events, or I just created a new brand identity for your business! I LOVE WHAT I DO!

I love proving to you that you can do this, be this, have this… It’s all possible! I am so grateful to have reached 6000 photographers who are an active part of our Facebook community and I hope to reach thousands and thousands more. We can make this industry great, we make ourselves great… WE CAN THRIVE!

The Free iPhone Templates are available for the next 48 hours as my way of saying thank you for helping me reach 6000 fans! 


  1. nathan says:

    Hi Leah, these are just great. More and more – our mobile phones (and their cases) are huge conversation starters.

    We want to run a promotion on your blog – to give away a 1-year Pro Membership($99) – to your readers.

    So they can not only sell these great iPhone cases – but easily create their own custom APPS – for each of their clients. Just like this one:

    (open on your iPhone)

  2. Deanna says:

    Where do I download them? Thanks for the feeble!!!

  3. Monica Dorion says:

    I missed it! I probably don’t want to know how much I missed it by, do I?
    I was really looking forward to this – I’ve been thinking about doing this for my sister’s Christmas gift.

you said:

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