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Client Email Correspondence Scripts for Photographers

The Client Email Correspondence Scripts for Photographers can improve your email response time by 98% (okay we totally made that number up) but there really is some merit to what we’re saying. Instead of trying to come up with what to say each and every time your email box dings, you will now have lovely pre written email scripts to drop into the following situations: First Inquiry Email (Newborn, Maternity & Family), Follow Up to Session Scheduling, Day Before Reminder and Tips, Sneak Peak Email, Order Ready (delivery, pickup and snail male scripts), Quality Assurance and  Client Review Request. It’s all inside, helping ensure that you get the right information to every single client!

From the first inquiry to final delivery you’ll never have to worry about what to type again or if you remembered to include “that”. Everything will be there for you to drop into your email and click ‘send’. That 98% is sounding more and more accurate isn’t it?


Product Details:

Text File Include 13 Sample Email Scripts for Frequent Email Correspondence Topics such as:

  • First Inquiry Email
  • Follow Up to Session Scheduled
  • Day Before Session Reminder & Tips
  • Sneak Peak & Ordering Appointment Excitment
  • Client Order Fulfilled & Ready
  • Quality Assurance Follow Up Email
This Product is Compatible with all text viewing software
This Product is an Instant Download
We are so excited to get the new CLIENT EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE SCRIPTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS into your workflow routine that we’re going to offer you a very special introductory price! We wanted to make sure that every photographer would be able to afford these email scripts and get them into their workflow (we know it’s going to save you oodles and oodles of time) so the Email Correspondence Scripts will be priced at $35
But wait, if you read this between now and Friday you’re getting an even sweeter deal because these email scripts will be at an introductory price of only $25!



  1. Nadine says:

    Hey Leah, do you also have a feedback questionnaire for sale? That would be something I would buy!

    • It will be coming and it’s a GREAT one. We did begin creating a survey/feedback product but it won’t be ready till the new year. I’ll keep you all posted through Facebook and the blog! 🙂

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