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Client Appreciation Ideas for Professional Photographers

As Professional Photographers we are given a great and wonderful responsibility! We are entrusted with capturing memories! I think this is an amazing responsibility… What we offer isn’t something that you enjoy for one day but rather becomes even more special and more treasured as time goes on.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that my clients give me to be their professional photographer and I really want them to know that! Today I’m sharing with you three simple ideas to make your “thank you” say I really mean it!

Leave a comment and tell us what you do to show your client that you really mean it! 

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Make sure you’re registered! I’m going to be sharing with you tons of practical ideas and real advice on how to be better organized and keep control of your life!




  1. Kym Boswell says:

    I love the bloopers! and as always helpful information!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Great Tips!!! I should send you a thank you card 😉

    • Ha! I’d love that! We never get enough COOL mail, you know? We should all start sending more fun little notes because it makes checking the mail way better!

  3. Tiffany says:

    It makes checking the mail way better and keeps the post office in business…LOL

    • Right!?! And if you’re anything like me, every time you check the mail you’re hoping there will be something fun even thought 90% of the time, It’s not gonna happen.

  4. I had been neglecting Thank You cards in the past but I just started sending them. And I like to mail the cards instead of including them with their order, because I think it’s so fun to get cards in the mail.

  5. Lisa says:

    Great ideas!!! And perfect timing as I’m revamping my business, love the ornamnent idea!

  6. Deanna says:

    Thank you for such great ideas! I’m interested in how you made the custom thank you with their picture on it. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Becky says:

    as always, i love your ideas and inspiration!! thank you!

  8. I love the little framed picture idea! Thanks for the great ideas and I’m excited for the get organized webinar. I so need it!

  9. Krissy says:

    Thank you Leah! Loving following the videos. I have a ? for you. Any suggestions for where to make a single photo card? Not sure the best way to do this without buying a set of 25. I’ve done some postcards, but they aren’t as well received and don’t have any of my handwriting (ships direct from the printer.)

    P.S. The bloopers are awesome!

    • Hey Krissy!

      I gotta be honest with you… I’ve got nothing! 😉 It sounds like we’ve tried the same things and no luck for either of us. The photo cards I use are just from paper source, they are not quite the same thing but that’s the closest I’ve found. And I agree…. I love being able to make it truly personal with my own handwriting!

      And thanks for commenting on the bloopers! When adding them I was a little unsure so it feels good to hear that they were well received. I guess I’ll keep on showing you all what a dork I am. 🙂

  10. Kathy Cassens says:

    Hi Leah!
    Great video and great webinar last night… I had to laugh, as you were saying “schedule time for your family first” my son came in to tell me about the list of things he needs for his school play and I felt terrible saying.. can we talk in a bit dear, this is a live webinar and I don’t want to miss it, oh well! 🙂

    So the personalized card that you send to the customer with your favorite photo is a card that you just slide the photo into, right?

    Thanks again, looking forward to more videos, they are great and inspirational and a good reminder of what we should be focusing on!


    • Totally understand! My kids we’re at a friends house during dinner time for the webinar where I’m focusing on family first. 🙂 As long as it’s our priority to put them first, they can feel that!

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