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10 Fab Vendors for Photographers

This year we just had to much going on, I had already done a bit of solo traveling – plus two of my own besties both decided to go have babies right before WPPI (congrats to Carrie and Kelli) so that sealed the deal for staying home this year.

…But lucky for us, Brittany Kluse was my fab correspondent, giving us an insider peak of the what’s what from WPPI this year. I know that this post is a bit late since the trade-show was in February, I hope you’ll forgive my delay in getting it up for you. Brittany noted what you’re looking at, and I made special notes for companies that I especially love (in italics).

Canvas on Demand Pro – Awesome pricing and they offer Canvas Clusters

Clickin Moms – Great networking opportunities, free trial membership from WPPI (GIFT10)

WHCC Image Blocks – New! Coming in Spring

Song Freedom – big hit at show … Legal music for blogs/site  (I believe there is a special biz tutorial from me on their members site)

Rice Studio Supply – awesome eco friendly papers and huge assortments of new ribbons/wrapping accessories. This is who I get my newsletter folders, canvas bags and wallet purses from (which work great for iPhone cases!)

Millers Luxe Frames – awesome showcase piece for home/studio

IRIS books – Modern looking books, crisp press paper, great linen covers in a variety of bright colors

Fundy Album Builder and other AMAZING Fundy Plugins – These plugins cut my album building time to a 1/4 of what it once was! If you offer albums you have to check them out!! 

ColorPop Toning Actions – New set, lots of booth traffic, all fully layered. Cool, clean effects

The Blueberry Hill – Amazing assortment of unique props for newborns.



  1. Fantastic information – thanks so much for sharing! Lots of great vendors to check out.

  2. Laura Pedrino says:

    Thanks for writing about this! My husband and I went to WPPI this year and, as awesome as it was, it was still overwhelming to really pick which vendors to go with in the end! Not that you can’t use multiple vendors, but my brain was fried by the end of the trip that everything started to look similar 🙂 Thanks again!

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