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If you must have an auto responder….

… Please make it interesting.

Let’s face it, sending an auto responder that says, ‘Thank you for your email. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.’ (and that’s it) just isn’t going to give you any kind of competitive edge in the eyes of your prospects.

This is your first impression, they’ve made contact. While you’re doing happy twirls in your desk chair, what they see is, ‘you’re just another number to me.’ Because well, let’s be real… Wouldn’t you hope that any business would get back to you within 24 hours anyway? I mean aren’t they trying to get my business??

Most of the time I think that auto responders aren’t really necessary. I see tons of them, tons! Whenever I send out a Go{4}Pro Newsletter my email box lights up like the National Lampoon’s house on Christmas Eve. And most of them are boring as all get up and don’t do anything to increase anticipation or excitement for what might be in store next from that photographer.

Don’t worry, if you’re shrinking a little in your twirly chair because you know I’ve seen your auto responder… I promise, I’ve already forgotten who it was from.

Now although I don’t think auto responders are necessary, I do totally get that when you send an email it’s nice to feel confident that it got to the recipient. So if that is your intention why not make the email fun and say something that will give prospects a glimpse into why they should choose you!


Wa-hoo! We are so excited that you emailed us!! Just this morning, we were talking about how much we hoped you would!! I can’t wait to talk to you and you better believe that I’ll be getting back to you lickity-split. While you’re waiting though, why don’t you head over to my blog, take a nosey around my Facebook page or get to know me better through my videos.

Best, Leah

Your branding and your marketing are happening in everything you do. Even if you haven’t planned for it, it’s still happening – it’s just probably not sending the message you want it to. Every opportunity of contact is your chance to create a certain perception in the mind of your clients and prospects. Are those opportunities working for you or against you?

The perceptions are being made no matter what, but if you take the time to plan for them you can bring your business to new heights.

Whether it’s the way you answer the phone, what your auto responder reads or the colors you choose when customizing The Thriving Photographer templates. At every point of contact… Impressions are being made.

Want more help making your emails better? Check out our email scripts and never be lost on what to say again!

As always… I LOVE hearing what you think – so leave a comment and let’s start a conversation! 



  1. I love this idea! It’s perfect and totally in line with The Thriving Photographer! I don’t typically do auto responders because I am admittedly obsessed with checking my email. However, I do have rather wonky “weekend times” due to my husbands work schedule. It would be nice to send out an auto responder on those days so clients know to not expect an email until my regularly scheduled work day.

    • Thanks Jessica! And I just have to say I love the word “wonky” just about as much as I love trying to come up with reasons to use the word “wicked”! 🙂

      I’ve thought the same thing, it would be nice to have something that says, ‘guess what. I take weekends off to so don’t waste you’re time emailing me on Sunday to see if I got your email on Saturday.’ only a lot sweeter and cuter of course. 😉

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