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Dear Mom with Camera,

There is a scene in one of my most favorite movies, Something’s Gotta Give… Erica sits with her daughter Maran on the beach. Maran slowly has a realization and confides to her mom saying, “I’ve never had the time of my life.”

Erica responds with all the love and hope a mother could by saying, ” I know, baby. And I say this from the deepest part of my heart. What are you waiting for?”

I have often thought of this scene as I talk with amazing photographers from around the globe… Especially when I talk with mamas. I find so many of you who are falsely believing that you can’t have the time of your life. That you can’t have your passion the way you dream of it.

It makes me so sad! Now I am in no way suggesting that you shrink from your responsibilities… Especially if you are blessed enough to call yourself a wife and a mother. No success in the world will ever compensate for failure in the home. 

But I do, with my whole heart – want to suggest to you… No. I don’t want to suggest, I want to gently grab you by the arms and shake you like a little bobble head and tell you that it is ok to have something for yourself… To feel proud of yourself… It’s ok – in fact it’s realistic – to believe that you can have this! 

Each one of us has to set our own expectations, our own rules by which we must follow to have the right balance for home, work and life. But that in NO WAY requires that you have to reject being a successful photographer. 

I realized a long time ago through trial and a lot of error that I’m at my best when I take on ONE session a week. But I still wanted to bring in a significant contribution each month (multi thousands) so I worked incredibly hard to create a success model for my business that I could use whether I’m only taking on one session a week or for someday when the kids are all in school and I’m taking on many more. 

I call it the experience model and it’s based around 3 rules. 1. Put the experience of my family first 2. Create the best experience possible for my clients. And 3. Work a lot less and make a lot more which just so happens to make rule #1 and even rule #2 a lot easier to achieve. 

The Thriving Photographer is my own loving “shake” for you. It’s my, “I say this from the deepest part of my heart. What are you waiting for?”

If what you were waiting for was just a clear road map, I’m here to show you the way! 

The Thriving Photographer is everything about how I created my business, how I managed to bring in 8k off 4 sessions a month and get my work load down to less than 12 hours a week for my photography business.

 Are you done waiting? Learn how THRIVE could change your life! 

What are you waiting for? Start THRIVING!

The feedback I’m receiving from photographer’s who have decided to take the challenge and begin thriving has been amazing! Here are a few emails I’ve gotten in the last couple days…

After 10 years of being a professional photographer… You – in this one incredible program – have provided me with every answer I didn’t even know I was searching for.  You’ve given me the tools, the resources, the logic, and the confidence to not only succeed, but to enjoy my life and my business in the process!  And to me, that is what thriving is all about.  Thank you for the generosity of heart with which you’ve created this program.  You truly have held nothing back. – Karen E. 


Hi Leah, I am one of your Thrive photographers. I am loving going through your program, and soaking in every bit of this process. Thank you so much for pouring your heart out into every detail, and weaving everything together in such a beautifully, coherent way. Thank you so much! – Chelsea


Thank you so much for your phone call tonight! LOVED getting to know you better… And of course having all of your AWESOME feedback. My life has changed to crazy chaos since Thrive… but only because I can’t stop listening to it and working on my marketing/business plans. Can’t wait to see all the hard work pay off! Thanks Leah for giving me a clear direction and that extra boost I so desperately needed to take this step. xo – Katie D.


I am currently printing all the worksheets out right now…I am blown away by all the detail…no WAY I can’t be successful after following these managble steps! Oh…and one amazing idea of yours really made me say “WOW” on my drive listening to the mp3 files. {Sorry that’s for Thrive-ographers} I have to say it again…BRILLIANT idea. Once again….Thank You, Leah!!!! -Jessica S.


P.S. I’ve got some GREAT news…. I really want to get you thriving so to help, we’ve just created a payment plan option! Invest in your business because your family is worth it!



  1. lx says:


    Was curious your payment plans via PayPal. Does it have to be monthly or can it spread out a bit?

    (Am super busy with my 1 & 3 year old..but very curious about your thriving photo program. )


    • Hi Alix! Yes, the payment plan can be set up via PayPal and will be automatically withdrawn on the same day each month for those 4 months.

      If you are super busy… You really do want to invest in the THRIVE program! I know that sounds crazy but I whole heartedly believe that I can give you your life back and help you to have way more time with your little ones, while making way more money!

      Last week one of my Thrive Photographers got on our private Facebook group and shared what’s been happening for her since Thrive. She was in tears because while the fact that she is making more than she ever has in her life before is super exciting…. The real joy she was feeling… The real breakthrough she had, was in finding the time and the balance to be the mom and wife she so desperately wanted to be.

      She talked about how she’d been so busy and so over booked before Thrive and how much stress and guilt is was causing in her life and that now she has more time with her kids and her husband than ever before, (while making more money than ever before too!!) and what that effect has had on all of them.

      Mom’s try to be it all, we try to do it all. We want the best for everyone… I am that mom. I know how it feels and now it is my mission to help women make the choice to invest in themselves because ultimately everyone wins. Your husband, your kids, your clients and YOU!

      I really hope you’ll join us!

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