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I was so honored when I got the news that Leah Remillet Photography would be featured in the book Visual Marketing (available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon). To be honest, I’ve known about it forever and even had my copy for months, but I guess I was just a little embarrassed to share the news with you. I didn’t want to be all “look at me aren’t I awesome?!” I reserve that kind of talk for my number one fan – my dad. But thanks to Kari (my amazing intern) who spotted the book, took it home and photographed it for me I’m now sharing it with you…. (At the end of I got some of my own tips for you!)


As photographers we have a goldmine opportunity to use visuals in all of our marketing endeavors. Think about what a blessing that is!! Other small business owners are struggling to add the visual elements whereas we have our own stockpile sitting on our hard-drives.  Cha-Ching!

Visual Marketing will truly help us reach and connect with potential clients. By taking the time to pamper clients and give them something to talk about, we can ensure that clients are spreading the word on our behalf!

Everyone wants to share pictures – I think we can all agree on that! And sharing good pictures is even better! How easy are you making it for your clients to share the great images that you’ve created for them?

A few ways that I use Visuals to aid in my marketing endeavors:

  • Mini albums (get a free download here <– Scroll to the very bottom)
  • iPhone templates (these are little mini billboards that can’t help but attract attention)
  • Putting their Premiere Slideshow up on YouTube IF they’ve purchased it (I use Animoto)
  • Packaging! Everything is presented like a present and even better, some of the packaging is reusable!
  • Wall Art Displays – When my clients have guests over, most likely there is going to be a large statement canvas or a cluster of canvases for all to enjoy and it’s probably pretty close to the front door (and guess who shot them?).
  • Want to become an expert on using visual marketing as well as pricing and selling those wonderful products that you offer? Check out THRIVE!




  1. That’s awesome Leah!!! 🙂

  2. Congrats Leah – how exciting! How awesome for you. Looks like you contributed lots of great ideas!

    • Thanks Vanessa! It was a fun thing to get to be a small part of… Cool to see my name in print at a real bookstore, even if it is somewhere in the middle of the book! 😉

  3. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh, coolest thing EVER!! So proud of you Leah!!

  4. Gladys says:

    Wow Leah, Congrats!!!
    You always have some practical, creative, and amazing ideas and information.

you said:

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