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Canvas & Large Prints Q&A

Today we’re going to do a little Q&A about one of my very favorite things – large photos!! I’ve got canvases and framed prints all over my house…I recommend them to every single client…I am completely elated when I get to hang them…they are big and beautiful and SO MUCH FUN!

And I’m sure you’ve heard me say all of that before. Nothing that is talked about this often can go without questions…and you guys had some! So here are my answers. 🙂 Forgive me if you’ve seen them before, since they were on my formspring page first, but I just thought it would be fun for everyone to see. Now go canvas & frame the world!

I’m ordering my first gallery wrap canvas. Do you have any tips…do you do 1.5 or 2.5 inch sides? Do you get the gel coating over the top? Is there anything special I should be doing while ordering?

I have canvases all over my house and they are hung with tacks because I move them around so much. My clients always think that’s hilarious. I find that I move them so much that it’s easiest for my own canvases to just be wood frame-plain.

For my clients canvases I really don’t do anything special either – so no coating and such. I will have them color correct if necessary but that’s about it.

For clients – just to help set your canvases a part, you might want to do paperback with saw tooth hanger but then again you may just leave them as is.

All of mine are 1.5 and I make sure I have enough room for the image to wrap around the sides. I’ve done .75 wrap for one client because we were putting 2 16×20’s in the entry and they would be behind the door when it was opened so we wanted to be sure that they would not get hit by the door.

So exciting for you! I can’t wait for you to get it… My wall art deliveries always make me the happiest!


How often do you sell framed prints?

Not nearly as often as Canvas. I offer it more to show a boutique variety of options and I do have a 30×40 framed print in the studio for people to see as a sample but very rarely is that the choice.

Although with the new Organic Bloom options that I will be showing this summer I could see them becoming a more popular option!

I’m having a hard time pricing framed prints. When I use the calculator at 40% COGS the price just seems way too much . It’s hard to compete with Hobby Lobby even though my frames would be better quality.

First of all, you’re not competing with Hobby Lobby because last time I checked Hobby Lobby didn’t have a gorgeous family portrait to place in the center of any frame that they offer. It’s important to truly realize how special and incredible what YOU OFFER is… Once you’re mindset changes so will you clients! {promise!!}

Here’s the thing, you’re not actually selling paper or wood or canvas material. What you REALLY sell is the incredible memory that you’ve documented for them…. And NOW you’re showing them how they can display and preserve AND ENJOY these memories!!

Anytime a pricing questions comes up, the good answer is not one that can be given in a one or two or even 100 sentences. To really learn and understand pricing once and for all (in a way that will change your bank account and clients experience forever) check out the thriving photographer.

But here is one suggestions for you… Consider marking up the frame but not the print. So it’s like they get the print for free when they frame it and you can explain it to them in such a way that they feel the value they are getting by purchasing a ready to hang item from you. For me, it’s really important that I present my clients with ready to hang items so that I know they won’t sit in a closet for a year waiting to go to the framer!


If you have questions that you’d like to see answered you can leave a comment below or ask away over on the Formspring page.




  1. Audrey Coley says:

    I was wondering about that beautiful bag you showed above in the blog? Whenever I order super large prints, I never have a pretty way for them to carry them out of the studio.

    thanks, I love your blog!

    • Hi Audrey…. THe bag is from Rice! Look to the right and you will see their link on the side bar. They also have a sale that is about to end for a starter set of these canvas bags!

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