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Video Review of The Thriving Photographer

I set out to create a program that had the ability to change lives. Dramatic I know, but that was the goal.

I wasn’t basing this idea out of thin air either, I’d seen it happen in my own life! I’d seen myself go from, well – me – to a thriving photographer. From $100 a session to over $2,000. From no confidence at all, to seeing my work on the cover of magazines. From SAHM who questioned there was more to me than laundry, diapers and dinner to a women who knows her worth, sees her potential and has learned to love even better because I’m proud of who and what I am.

To have all of that happen to me… Well, it was incredible. But it wasn’t magic! I knew it could be duplicated! I wanted to give my dream come true to others and that’s why I decided to create The Thriving Photographer. I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned, tried, failed and succeeded at as a professional photographer and given you all my secrets in one easy to incorporate program.

And guess what. Lives are changing!!

Here is Brittany Lauren of New York, NY on what The Thriving Photographer has done for her!!



  1. Carrie says:

    I love this video! Brittany did such a fabulous job sharing just how amazing The Thriving Photographer truly is! I couldn’t help but smile and agree with her all throughout watching it! I’m so excited and more than happy to be experiencing very similar experiences and results from your incredible program Leah!!

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