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  1. Alba Wejebe says:

    Carrie, that is AWESOME. Congratilations!

    I am doing Thriving Photographer course as well and my progress, while not quite to Carrie’s level yet, is steady. I am getting more confident and pulling all the pieces together that I need to really, really thrive as a business creatively and yes happily! And “business” and “happy” did not ever go together in my life before.

    The FB group is the most supportive group I have ever been in. Any and every question gets answered.There is such forward momentum and we all celbrate each other successes, whether big or realy small.

    This is honestly the best investment I have EVER made in my photography business.
    Thank you Leah from the bottom of my heart for giving me the real life, step by step, leave nothing out tools that I needed to pull this all together. And thanks to all the girls in the TTP group. You continually keep me motivated and working on my happy and creatively thriving business.

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