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When You Have to SHARE Your Office


{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}



How to make your shared space AWESOME:

1. Utilize your storage! Remember that bookshelves hold & organize A LOT. You can maximize your desktop by keeping files and books neatly stored. End tables or long shelves above the desk are great. The less cluttered your workspace, the better! Remember there will be TWO of you sharing this space and things pile up quickly.

2. Think about the work that needs to be done by both workers, and accommodate wisely. Are you both photographers needing the same type of workspace or is your office partner needing more filing cabinets and folders?

3. Locate all electrical outlets and telephone jacks as well as windows and doors. All of these play a part in where to place desks, equipment and computers.

4. Are you right or left-handed? This might matter!



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