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The Catastrophic Lie that Could be Blocking Your Success

Happy Friday!  It has been such a crazy busy summer.  Are you feeling that way, too?  All of these grand plans of getting things done and prepared have gone to the wayside, thanks to too many more fun and enticing options that keep popping up before us!  I feel like the little grasshopper who played all day and didn’t store up for the winter.  We have been going from one awesome adventure to another… In fact, the next 5 weekends are booked solid with adventures that we just had to be a part of!

Recently I’ve been thinking about clarity… Getting clear on what I really want when it comes to my business, my marriage, my health and my life.  I’ve pondered the times when things do fall into place, and the times when they don’t.  And I’ve realized something and I had to share it with you!

In today’s video, I discuss what is often the #1 obstacle standing in the way of what we really want and… well, everything else.  And here’s the best part…  It’s NOT hard to fix!  In fact, if you’re willing to take some time and try it, you can fix it right now!  Clarifying this one thing (and being completely honest about it) will get you so much closer to the life that you really want!




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