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You know you’re a photographer when…

Last week I posted this on the Go4Pro Photos Facebook Page:

You know you’re a photographer when: every time you see a stranger taking a family pic (even if it’s their iPhone), you feel obligated to help them make it better… and then you find yourself posing their snapshot!  -Leah Remillét

Well you started sharing and…  You all are so dang clever and the responses were so funny that I decided to share a few of them here!  After all, Monday doesn’t have to be so Monday-ish!


You can’t post a picture without some slight retouching! Even from your iPhone!  – Nakesha Morgan


When your three year old is taking your picture with your iphone and says “no mom, move over here. I don’t like that background.” – Leslie Sarten


You are up at 2 am up, wired because you only get bursts of editing energy during the wee hours of the morning! – Brynne Owen


When your walking or driving somewhere and you take a picture with your hands- CLICK! Boom- look at that backlighting or sun flare! – Julie Wagner


When you look at your friends’ profile pictures and they’re such bad quality/badly photographed you can’t stand it. –Kristin Page


When you “schedule” a photo shoot with your kids “just because” and they know exactly how to pose without being asked. – Jayme Peters


When you cringe just a little whenever you see a kit lens on a DSLR. – Lyra Repplinger


When you drive by a location like a junkyard and think “how cool would it be to shoot there”! or how about when you and your friends talk about shooting families, babies, teens, sports teams and no one has to spend any jail time. – Alana Banner


When you can’t flip through a Magazine without analyzing lighting. –Amanda Williams


When you are at a wedding watching the photographer to see what they are doing and what lenses they are using over watching the wedding couple. –Mary Beth Cooper


When you buy your children’s clothes based on what would look good in a photo shoot. My children have figures out that I do this and have suckered me many a time with, ” oh Mom, won’t this look great in a photo!” in the cart it goes! -Amanda Capps


When you can’t watch an action show or pickers show without looking for potential photo props! Just the other night we were watching American Pickers and I shouted “did you see that awesome couch?” – Mindy Franich


When your 6 year old says mama that looks like a good spot for pictures! – Carrie Jaquay


You secretly hope the neighborhood doesn’t get cleaned up because you’ll loose some of your favorite locations! – Leah Remillét






  1. Audra says:

    When you are watching the Olympics, not to cheer on the athlete,s but to drool over the gear carried by the photographers in the background.

  2. AdrianaG says:

    I could identify myself with several of the statements. lol
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. When you ask a friend to take a picture of your wife and yourself and have to set the settings for them.

  4. When you take a road trip & are looking out the window thinking “man that would be an awesome session location” or “that is the perfect landscape picture”. I deffinately identify with the Junk Yard comment. We have an boat junk yard in town & I always think how cool it would be to do pics in there.

  5. When a photoshoot is just as good as a workout as much as you move around and lay on the ground.

  6. Danielle says:

    You know you’re a photographer when your sister-in-law buys a DSLR and doesn’t plan on learning any of the settings, she just always shoots in Automatic mode with the on-camera flash, and all you can do is sigh and shake your head…

  7. I kept wanting to click the ‘Like’ button on these!! Love them!

  8. Mandi Hagenbuch says:

    When you don’t watch the commercials or TV shows or movies because you are looking for eye lights.

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