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When the other products don’t live up to their hype…



The Thriving Photographer is continuing to change not only businesses, but also lives…  And it’s happening all over the world!  Read this awesome email I received this weekend from Nicky Martin of Melbourne, Australia!

After trying everything else out there, Nicky decided to bite the bullet and follow the recommendation from a friend on another site… 



I have been struggling with two key aspects of my business since I started:  pricing and marketing.  I have trawled the net for at least 3 years looking for the answers. 


I bought Easy as Pie and Lux Undercover and another pricing formula after rave reviews from other photographers on the net, but it still didn’t feel quite right.  I was getting enquiries but I wasn’t getting many bookings.  I doubted my talent, I doubted my prices, I doubted the whole idea of quitting my mundane office job to follow my dream.  I was losing my confidence fast.

That changed when I introduced myself on Chic Critique and mentioned my struggles.  Another forum member said she understood where I was coming from and was singing the praises of The Thriving Photographer.  I bit the bullet and bought the program that day.  And WOW!!  It is honest and informative and takes you through everything from pricing, planning, branding, marketing and so much more.  It is inspirational and it makes so much sense.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about these concepts before.  It takes time to work through the program and I am still working on it, but I have set my prices and for the first time I feel confident they are right for me.

At first I was disappointed that it was an audio program.  I am a visual person and love watching teachers.  But this is so cool.  I have downloaded the audio files onto my android phone, I pop in some headphones and I can listen to Leah’s words right before sleep, while I’m walking the dog or as I’m working.  It is so practical.

Thank you Leah for sharing your business brain!  For changing my mindset, rebuilding my confidence and giving me workable strategies that fit with my values and beliefs.  Priceless.

– Nicky Martin (Melbourne, Australia) 



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