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Me vs. Pessimism – How I WIN!

I’ve been noticing some pessimism lately…

Me & Pessimism.  We are not friends.  There is never enough space for the two of us to be in the same room together!

WhileI am positive that anything is possible, pessimism constantly trys to convince people that it’s not.  Pessimism is wrong… Why do I know this?  Because I am almost always right.  (See how optimistic I am!) 


This is why I know that pessimism should never have any room in our lives…

When I was small, there was a lot of pain in my life.  I remember the looks that people used to offer me – they were looks of pitty. And I hated it.

I use to tell them that my ‘grown-up life’ was going to be amazing.  That it was the only possible explanation for what challenges I was given as a child.  That it just wouldn’t be fair to let me have so much amazingness for always!

I was right. 


When I was grown and had three babies – all under the age of 3 – I thought to myself, “I want to be a photographer; I can do this!”

Everyone else said that it didn’t sound like a very realistic idea.

I said it could be done. I could learn how to use a camera, take great pictures and someday have people pay me to capture happiness for them.

I was right.


When I decided to start a blog for other photographers.  It didn’t make much sense.  I really shouldn’t have been calling myself a photographer to begin with.

People laughed; they thought it wouldn’t last.  They  thought I didn’t know that they made fun of me… but I did know.

But I believed that there were others who were hungry to learn.  Others who wanted this dream as badly as I did.  That they deserved it just as much as me…  And that I could help them do it.

I was right.


When I decided to start creating The Thriving Photographer™, it was a daunting task.  I wanted to create a program that harnessed everything I had done to make my dreams of being a thriving photographer a reality.  To be able to give any photographer who had the willpower and the passion the training, tools and understanding necessary to be a success!

I was told it sounded lofty.  That the work involved would be too great.  That photographers aren’t willing to work hard enough to really get to that level of success.

I disagreed.  I knew there were people like me who were more than willing to work their bootys off to have the income, the passion and the life they crave.  The stories that have poured in since it’s launch confirm it…

I was right. 


Whether you believe it can happen or that it can’t… YOU ARE RIGHT!

Do not share space with pessimism.  Do not give it your attention, your thoughts, your energy or your trust.

Become conscious of the negativity when it enters your thoughts.

Write down the criticism, and then write down 2 reasons that the critic in you is wrong.

Finally crinkle up the piece of paper and throw it away.  Image that as the paper hits the trash bin, you are simultaneously letting go of the doubt forever.


Believing is the first step to making it happen! 


make it happen

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  1. “They all said we never could be happy
    They laughed at us and how!
    But ho, ho, ho!
    Who’s got the last laugh now?”

    These old song lyrics came to mind when I read this post! Great stuff Leah!

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