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The Monthly Giveaway – October Ed.

Are you excited for fall?  We are having a very unusually warm end to our summer (it’s 80 degrees right now!).  In fact, I think I’m going to surprise the kids and have them switch into their bathing-suits when they get off the bus and jump right into the sprinklers.

I love this time of year… I love how I get super into cooking again, how I start dreaming of reading books and sipping cocoa, climbing into bubble baths and slipping into my fall attire. I love boots, sweaters and scarves.

This is the time of year, more than any other that we realize with more clarity,  just how thankful we ought to be.  Sometimes I sit here in awe, wondering how I get to be so lucky to be the girl who lives my life.  Of course I know that there are plenty who wouldn’t even want it (and I don’t blame them, you’d have to be a pinch of crazy to want my blissful craziness), but to me – it’s the best life I could have ever asked for.

I believe in being thankful for what we have, finding contentment in who we are… Of course we still have ambitions and dreams, goals and desires. But, if we only ever focus on what we could have/be… We will miss all the joy and happiness that we deserve for being right where we are, right now.

1. Vintage Linen Inspired Apron by Tootlepip (on Facebook!) {It’s amazing!! This would be an amazing gift, like for me maybe??}

2. Frankincense & Rose Myrrh Milk Bath by Jamilah Aromatherapy {One whiff and your hooked!}

3. Lavendar Bundle from Leah 

4. Natural Linen Clutch by Independent Reign {Such a perfect night out clutch!}

5. Linen Brides Hanger by Ootch {Every wedding photographer should absolutely have one!}

6. Eggplant Infinity Scarf by Lix Perle {I love these infinity scarves, and the purple is perfect!}

7. Thankful Banner (Made for you by Leah)

8. Vintage Chairs Stationary by Petite Paperie {I keep an extra set of stationary in my car for when I need to write a quick note}

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