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Get Your Facebook Posts Ranked Higher

It’s Video Friday and today I have a special guest with me!

I know you know this but… Social Media changes all the time.  I don’t know if you feel the way I do? But I can’t keep up with it, and that’s why I turn to social media expert Zach Prez when I’m at a loss.  Zach is the creator of  Photography Web Marketing, he’s written multiple eBooks on Social Media, and his expertise just so happens to be in helping professional photographers!

Social Media and it’s incredible power to help small businesses the world over is undeniable… The headaches it’s causes when you think you’ve finally ‘got it’ just as they go and “update” everything – incalculable.

Lucky for us… Zach is going to de-code some of the mystery behind the new Facebook Ranking System.


P.S. Sorry for the background wind in the intro (I had the doors open and did not realize how loud it was until after the fact) and the horrible quality of the web vid too – Geesh! … Hopefully the content makes that all worth it.

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    Great info! Thanks for sharing.

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